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Capital One 360

2.4 out of 5 stars
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Application Process

3.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Service

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Most Helpful Positive Review

Nov 10, 2015
Don't listen to these bad reviews
Totall84 Account Holder

I want to clear up the whole 5 day deposit time. It is only the case for new customers for 30 days. After that it is just like any other bank. They offer a ton of incentives that other banks dont like high intrest rates and no fees. I have been with BOA for ten years and they denied me for everything. I have been with capital one for a few months and they have approved me for 4 credit cards and a car loan. People get frustrated at something and want to burn the place to the ground. Don't listen to these people who need to be medicated, they are the best bank to deal with.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 30, 2016
Not the greatest
Anonymous Account Holder

Long hold times, never get a call back on a problem...everything is always about possible fraud. Going back to my local bank...not worth the hassle.

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Oct 19, 2016
Super long hold times!!!!
Anonymous Account Holder

I just opened my capital one 360 account I received my card and tried to activate it and it said couldn't activate online please call.  I called and I waited on hold 54 mins and then it hung up I called back and am still on hold now for 42 mins.  This is horrible.  

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Oct 17, 2016
Paperwork too slow
Anonymous Account Holder

Bought a used car, on Oct. 1, 2016, with intent to payoff loan immediately.  I got email to setup online account.  Email was sent on Oct. 13, 2016.  They started charging interest from the first day of the loan.  Cost me $50 extra for the price of the car.

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Oct 04, 2016
Zzzzz service is a thing of the past
Anonymous Account Holder

So called security locked account, sent e-mail to me and my wife asking us to call. Left 3 messages and have spent overy 3 hours on hold over past 3 days,,,, still have locked account and no response. They sure take the deposits easy enough. ...

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Oct 01, 2016
Much better than Wells
lo06 Account Holder

I just switched from Wells Fargo where I felt like I was constantly nickled and dimed. I really enjoy the ease of depositing I do live in an area near a Capital One Bank so if I need to deposit cash it works fine for me. I am a little annoyed with how long my check is taking to clear but as someone stated its just for new people and only for 30 days. A little inconvienient but not awful.

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Sep 29, 2016
they're fine until you experience fraud
Anonymous Account Holder

This bank was acceptable for many years but recently I lost about 12 hours of my life when my account was broken into. They wouldn't let me access my funds until I talked to the fraud department, who has 2+ hour hold times. When I finally got through to them they told me they could not give me access to my money until I proved to them that my computer didn't have malware. What a nightmare. I will be closing this account. 

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Sep 23, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

I just opened a 360 checking and savings account and transferred money into each from Wells Fargo.  The money is out (and posted!) of my Wells Fargo account yesterday so today I was thinking it would show available at Capital One.  NOPE it will not be available until Monday.  How is it they have my money but won't give me access to it.  I will be closing as soon as the money deposits...I don't need them sitting on my money.  I should have listened to other reviews about their ridiculous hold times.

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Sep 15, 2016
So far pretyt **** Awesome
MarcoMontana Account Holder

I have BOA, had them now for 23 years, they own my house loan, my truck loan and had my Bike loan... Great Bank, however new changes with transfers, and charging for banking, and checks, and interest rate beyond ridiculously low.

I ended up having a Capitalone account by default as I had an IGN account, I made a Checking 360 now and have been transferring $ over from BOA. I like having 2 banks to be honest as I gives me peaceof mind.

Capitalone has given me great interest rate deals on my Credit Card, bonuses, Cash Back, hell if they give me the "Keep The Change" I may just swap totally.

Be smart read their terms, know deposits take a couple days before hand, don't screw around with prepaid cards, and bank account numbers and you wont have your account frozen

It's a free Bank! They cannot take risks with your money and certainly not their money! Be smart...   I give CapitalOne 4 stars only because I think they can get better!

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Oct 15, 2016

Have you tried to refi the auto loan or home loan?

Sep 08, 2016
Kiss your money goodbye!
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been fighting with Capital One 360 for 3 Months trying to get back $300 of mine. I had the account opened for about a month and was honesty really liking it, before this I had always used a prepaid card so this 360 account was a step up. After a month of using it I decided I was gonna close and transfer whatever money I had left in the prepaid account over to the 360 account and make it my primary account now that I got a feel for it. Well, the day the money cleared in the 360 account, it was closed due to a " security issue " and this is when all the chaos began and I started getting different stories from each rep I've talked to since then for the past 3 months. First, I was told I could not reopen the account and that because the $300 was deposited into their account using another account (the prepaid account) that I would have to get my money back from them. This made absolutely no sense since Capital One are the ones that I have the money, not the prepaid account. I even told this to the rep and he said to call the prepaid account. I did, and was told basically what I already knew, that its capital one's responsibility to give me back my money. I called capital one back and talked to a different rep, who explained that after the account had been closed for 10 business days the money will refer back to the original account it came from (the prepaid account), thankfully i heading close the account just yet so I thought it would wait and see. After the 10 business days there was still nothing in my original account, I even gave it a couple extra business days and it still never came through. I call back and speak to someone in the security team and they now tell me I need to have my prepaid account request the money back from them because that's the only way I will get it back and that the rep who told me about the 10 business day thing didn't know what they were talking about. I told her I was tired of going back and forth with these idiots at capital one and that if I was going to call my prepaid account then she was going to be on 3-way with me to explain the ordeal. So I called the prepaid account on 3 way and this lady from the security team talked to one of reps there and had the rep file a "dispute" for the money. She then tells me that it will take ANOTHER 10 Business days for the back ends of each place to sort it out and that I should have it returned to me then. Well 10 days later I get I letter from the prepaid account saying my dispute is closed and can not be reopened because #1 Capital one never got in touch with the prepaid account to give or follow up on any info needed and #2 it's now up to Capitol one to give me back my $ because they are the ones in possession of it. I call Capitol one AGAIN and explained the situation for the millionth time and now am told that the previous security rep must've said the wrong thing to the rep at the prepaid account because what she should of told them was they need to file for something called a R1 or Reverse on the money that was transferred to their account and advised me to call them to tell them what they needed to do. At this point I am feeling like a ping pong ball not to mention a **** fool! I then called back the prepaid account place and they state that because it is a prepaid account they cannot do this thing called a R1 /a reverse and all they can do is file a dispute as if Capital One is a merchant. I then called back Capital One and end up speaking to a supervisor. After explaining everything once again he basically states that I am **** out of luck and that because the account was closed due to a security issue the only way they could return the money to me is to return it to the original account it came from and that if the people can not do a request for that money back then the money will just sit there with Capital One for a year after that it gets turned over to the state and I will then have to contact the State to get the money back. This whole process has been very draining and frustrating. I got all my frustrations out on him and argue with him for several minutes explaining that this is all bull crap and that couple of one should just step up and give me my **** money back but he held firm and said that his hands were tied and there was nothing he can do. Right now I am at a lost and don't know where else to go or what else to do. All I can say is do not trust Capital One especially their 360 Department! BTW, I have had a Capital One credit card since I was 18 years old and I am now 30 and I made sure that the people in the 360 Department knew that, never had a problem with him before and now all of a sudden when I open the bank account there is this suppose "security issue"? If this is how they treat one of their customers that has been with them over a decade I cannot begin to imagine how they treat their new customers!

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Oct 15, 2016

It's because you raised many AML - anti money laundering. Act, red flag Bc u use pre paid crap... aml is part of THE PATRIOT ACT so the bank has to , by federal law, be overly cautious...

Lol why would u ever be involved with pre paid cards as a 30 year old man lol . I'm guessing a laundry list on your banking history so no banks would let u bank with them

Aug 31, 2016
Formerly ING Direct, just as cool...
verratio Account Holder

I had an account with them when they were ING Direct, witht the little Cafes. Don't use it much, since I only have a savings account with them. Got the Promo $20 when i opened it many moons ago, and just throw money in it every once in a while since, like all savings accounts, it is subject to a limited amount of transactions a month, and withdrawing can take at least 3 business days. Just don't stick your, "I need access to these funds at a monents notice" stash in here.

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