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Dec 14, 2017
Tallen1022 Borrower

I would NEVER lease or finance from HYUNDAI MOTOR FINANCE again!!!!!!! They hide behind their third party dealerships to avoid responsibility for their actions! The dealerships will tell you one thing and the finance manager will make you promises they can't keep. I think if you have the same HYUNDAI name attached to your company, you are one! Don't point fingers! They made me paid an "unpaid lease payment" that I was told by the dealership not to make because I was purchasing a new car. The dealership refuses to take responsibility and Hyundai Motor Finance refuses to get involved! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dec 14, 2017
Horrible Car Lease!!!!
Tallen1022 Borrower

This was the worst decision I have ever made!!!!!!!! I would not reccomend LEASING or FINANCING with Hyundai Motor Finance! They hide behind third party sales dealerships to avoid responsibility. I traded in my lease early and financed a new car through one of their "third party dealerships" (courtesy hyundai), whom told me because I was purchasing a new vehicle through the dealership, I would not be making the last payment on the lease. This makes sense because I wouldn't even have the vehicle and HYUNDAI wanted me to buy a new vehicle!!!!!!!!! Hyundai Motor Finance refuses to work with the dealership to resolve the issue. They simply have no customer service skills at all. 

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Dec 06, 2017
Never buy another Hyundai b/c HMF
Fitz1970 Borrower

Their customer service is awful.  I've made additional payments every month and they don't apply the payment to principal balance unless you call in and make request.  There is no way to set it up online yourself to go to principal.  Their software is outdated and customer service reps are awful.  I get high blood pressure every time I call in.  I hate this company HMF and won't buy a Hyundai because of it even though I can finance it elsewhere.  Why should I give my business to any arm of Hyundai?

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Nov 04, 2017
Predatory Lender. Do not ever!!!
JuiceeSweet Borrower

Brought Sonota in August, 2014. At $458. Ed Volves Hyundai never explained to me the term of the loans and never disclosed I was taking a cash advance for the loan. To date I still owe $15k on a $19k loan took in 2014. They are predatory lenders. Stay far away from them.

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Nov 04, 2017
Predatory Loan
JuiceeSweet Borrower

The Finance Supervisor at Ed Volves Hyundai car dealership never explained to me what a simple interest loan is. I was lied to and preyed upon with this predatory loan. I took loan in August 2014 for 19K. Today in November I still owe $15k
I paid Hyundai Motor Finance $458. per month and the money went all on interest. Loan is like a cash advance and they never disclosed this too me Hyundai reports false information to credit bureaus so you are stuck in this predatory loan. I have suffered tremendously and I are no end to this loan ever being paid off. It's a pure scam.

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Oct 30, 2017
They need to upgrade everything!
Anonymous Borrower

Okay so they give decent rates for your credit score they approved us with minimal down payment and it was pretty easy.
Their customer service feels a bit uncompromising just because half of them barely talk English and the ones that do are very rude. I've only met 2 out of my 10 calls that were not rude.
They literally use western union which takes forever to update and reflect on accounts. Why can't they use square or stripe??
They make cars in alabama but their own finance company runs like made in the sea.
I hope they can fix themselves because people looking for a loan will see their 1 star rating and leave the dealer.
Honestly if they offer you their loan at the dealer don't take it. Find your own bank and take your time. I had Wells Fargo before and it was way easier and much more options on their site. Calling their customer service center was rare. My next car buy is with wells fargo or a bank that isnt rated 1 star.

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Oct 17, 2017
the worst relocation experience
sara3564 Borrower

Never get hyundai if you are going to lease or finance and planning to move within he contract time period. I moved to another state within the period and was doing state to state transfer. They told me the process takes 4 to 6 weeks for them to fax my first page of my title of my car. Then they did not call me or email me when they rejected my transfer because my address update was not yet finialized and was in process. I find out when I call them 7th day after I asked for the necessary documents. The state I am currently reside in fines people after 30 days I am in the state. The process time period is unresonable and they should start responding faster to the customers. I do not recommend Hyundai even when I am Korean. I just had horrible relocation experience from them. I will never get a car from them from now on.

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Sep 14, 2017
They will ruin your credit for NO REASON
CLagace Borrower

I had made the last payment on my auto loan on 7/10/2017 in the amount of $312, which generated a refund of $1.33 as well as the issuance of my Title and pay off notice (which were printed on 7/20/2017 and enclosed).  There was another payment made on 8/10/2017 in the amount of $20, which was also refunded to me due to overpayment.  On 9/3/2017, Hyundai advised all credit reporting agencies that though my account was fully paid, and title issued, I was placed in delinquent status with $0 due.  After over 20 calls to Hyundai, no one can tell me why I was listed as delinquent as my balance was paid off, title issued and they advised I was NEVER late on a payment.  This has caused my credit score to drop over 60 points. I am in the process of trying to purchase a home and this has ruined my chances.

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Nov 30, 2017

I am dealing with the exact same situation right now. I'm only five phone calls in and still have made no progress. No one can answer the question of why am I past due when I have zero amount due? I told them I would could send a check for $0 if that would settle the account.

Sep 11, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

When we went into our lease the dealer, Ray Skillman Westide Auto Mall, in Indianapolis told us that if we traded the lease in and leased again wear/tear and mileage would not matter. Well guess what? We got a bill for over $2000. They nor the dealer would waive anything. The dealer flat out lied to my face several times. 

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Sep 07, 2017
Stay far away from Hyundai!
Staryo Borrower

I leased an Elantra and never missed a payment. Three years later my lease was up and I was considering buying my leased car. When they told me the residual value of the leased car vs. the actual value I just about choked; the residual value was $13k+ and the car was only worth about $7k. After only 3 years and low miles? So of course they tried to talk me into a new Hyundai. I test drove a couple and wasn't in love. Told the sales person that I would consider them but wanted to check out other options. It was supposed to be only $400 to resolve the lease. A month later I got a bill for $1200 for "damages." I had paid extra for "wear and tear" coverage and had assumed this would cover the damages but apparently I had to file a claim to get them covered. Nobody explained any of this to me. It was extremely difficult to file the claim and all the while Hyundai kept sending me the bill for $1200+. I told them I would pay the balance once they received the settlement check from the claim company. They wanted me to pay the full amount and then wait for them to issue me a refund check once they received the claim check! I'm sure glad I didn't do that! I'd probably never have seen that money again! I confirmed with the claiim company that they sent the check and waited for a revised bill from Hyundai so I could pay it. I never got one. I logged into my account and saw the correct amount reflected and tried to pay it go. The online system wouldn't work for me. So I called and waited for someone to answer for 15+ minutes so I could pay it over the phone. They finally answered and said it would be an extra $7 to pay it over the phone!? 2 days later I got a call from a collection agency that Hyundai had sent my account to them! I literally just tried to pay this bill and they referred me to collections with zero notice! I will pay it because I know I owe it and want it off my record but I am so ****ed off right now! And all the while, Hyundai continues to try to get me to buy a new car from them even though I have told them repeatedly that I already bought a new car and to remove me from their mailing lists. Stay far, far away from Hyundai!

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