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Hyundai Motor Finance

1.3 out of 5 stars
33 Reviews

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Application Process

2.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Service

1.5 out of 5 stars

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Oct 20, 2016
Horrible customer service, lost my title
Anonymous Borrower

Customer service lied to me and hung up on me and was not helpful and kept tellin me that I did something that I did not do. Finally after calling multiple times someone nice answered and finally admitted that they screwed up and apologized but still couldn't fix the issue. HUGE issue being that oh, we gave the title of your car to someone else! Not only that but we don't know why or where it is and how long until we can get it to you. 

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Oct 13, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

 car totaled owe me a refund for 5 months 10 phone calls still not resolved

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Sep 30, 2016
Absolute worst...ZERO STARS
Anonymous Borrower

If you really want to buy one of their cars make sure to either pay with cash or use another company/bank to fiance your loan.  All the negative reviews about their customer service are true.  And don't think it won't be you.  If you move you will have problems, if you buy the car at the end of your lease you will have problems, if you turn your car in at the end of the lease you will have problems....not just a phone call but weeks and months of calls and hassels. And that is if things go smoothly

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Sep 21, 2016
Ad2bPj Borrower

Kia Finance was pushed by the local "huge" dealership (HUGE!!! I tell ya.  HUGGGGGEEEEE!)

Anyway, I filed a derogatory remark against the HUGE dealership because they are blatantly rude, incompetent and ignorant.  I purchased the car for my son 7 months ago.  To date, it has less than 4,000 miles on it (yes, 7 months, 4,000 miles).  

The tire on it was blowing out due to overheating, the brakes were already shot (we have 2 other cars, the Kia was normally parked in the garage), and there were numerous other issues with the car.  When I asked the dealership to take care of the WARRANTEED issues, they told me verbatim, "Hitch a ride" and "we don't provide that service here" and "it'll take a few days to fix the tire" (seriously, a tire)

Exactly 1 week after that review was filed, and exactly 31 days after my payment for the crap vehicle went past due, without warning or letters or notification, the car was repossessed.  The dealer is behind it (yes, look it up; if they "forced" the loan through due to having HUGE impact on the manufacturer, they can and will repo the vehicle).

Kia has a class action lawsuit against it in California due to illegal repo's, collection activities, and other issues.  Look it up.  Don't purchase a Kia.  Don't finance your lollipop from these people either.

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Sep 19, 2016
Terrible customer service!!
Anonymous Borrower

Tried to pay off the loan in full. It took many calls and a lot of time wasted. Each person will give you a slightly different answer. The manager wasn't helpful AT ALL and was kind of rude even. I rate Hyundai Financing a 1 star for customer service.

I will definately be wary of signing up for a loan with Hyundai in the future.

P.S. It can take up to 6 weeks to pay off your loan even if you have the cash ready!!

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Sep 19, 2016
The worst customer service imaginable.
Anonymous Borrower

Due to an emergency I had requested a payment extension 2-3 weeks PRIOR to the due date of my payment. I have spoken to over 6 customer service representatives in the course of almost a month now and for some reason the address that it was sent to was incorrect or for some reason THREE TIMES! The first rep I spoke with didn't even follow through with the paperwork and I had to call to find out that he didn't even process it completely. If I hadn't followed up on it every few days they would have hit me with late fees and a credit report ding for their incompetence. For some odd reason I was just not receiving it in the mail because I'm sure my mailman is out to withhold my Hyundai mail from me, right? 

It was odd that Hyundai Motor Finance was able to successfully send me a letter letting me know that my payment was past due (REALLY?) without any issues but not my extension paperwork that I asked for over a month ago and is constantly getting lost in the mail?

Customer service is a pitiful joke and so is their system.  The level of incompetence and lack of training of their customer service representatives is mind boggling. All of the customer service representatives and managers that I have spoken to cannot even correlate with their own company policy. Half of them had informed me that there was paperwork that needed to be signed and the other half told me that there was no such requirement. A couple of them didn’t even know what was going on.

I can't wait to refinance. Anyone who chooses to do business with Hyundai Motor Finance is desperate, insane, or just plain ignorant of this company’s reputation. There are absolutely multiple valid reasons for their low scores from customer feedback on various websites. I should have heeded the warnings from other customers but I guess I just had to learn the hard way.

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Sep 15, 2016
Negative 10 stars!!
NDNewt Borrower

Bought the car in 2010, in early 2011 due to some circumstances I had to give the car back. I set up a payment plan with the "collection agency" after they auctioned it off and gave me what I owed. I paid on that every month until I was able to pay off the collection agency completly in August 2013. I got the letter from the agency saying the account was satasfied and sent in to Hyundai who assured me this would be resolved. In November of 2013 I was almost not able to buy a house because they hadn't updated the credit report, similiar situation in 2014 when I was leasing a car.... and now, after almost 4 years of nothing they suddenly decide to update with a Failure To Pay and crash me by 45 points on the three major reports. I've sent them the information several times and requested it be fixed several times, I disuputed with credit agencies to no avail. I'm looking at having to get a lawyer and finally get this fixed once and for all. So far they've managed to play a vital role in destroying my credit to the point where I can't buy a house and almost several vehicles and have destroyed my opportunities for a good APR on any vehicle I'll try to get. My advice... Stay as far away as you can unless you can pay a month ahead of time, then you're good..... if you don't and they actually send to "collections" be ready for this to be on your report for the rest of your life.

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Sep 15, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

NEVER USE HYUNDAI FINANCE to finance a car. We sold our Hyundai on Monday, the gentleman used his money to pay off our loan and we were told to go over to DMV in order for him to register and switch the title. We did. We sat there for 3 hours only to find out that it takes 5 to 10 days for an ELECTRONIC copy of a title to even reach the DMV. So, I call Hyundai and explain that the gentleman wants to drive his car...ok, so request a fax of the "lien release", did that. No fax received. Call today... no fax was sent because the call had been dropped at the end of our if I request it today, it takes another 3 business days to receive... WHAT??? This man cannot register and drive his car... I feel like they are stealing his car. No proof of lien release. OMG.. I am losing my mind. It has been all week and they cannot just send me a piece of paper saying that the lien is released. Please share, I hate for anyone to have to go through what I am going through right now.

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Sep 12, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

Been stuck on the phone hotline for the 3rd time after the

first guy directed me to the wrong department that then disconnected me, 

second time I waited another 15 minutes and they hung up on me, 

Now waiting for 20 minutes when Everytine it says "you'll be connected in less than one minute" at the beginning.

typical Korean qualities of lying

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Sep 07, 2016
Horrible customer service
Anonymous Borrower

I moved from PA to NJ so I have to re-register my car. I faxed hyundai my request from the DMV. I am going on month number 2 with no car due to these idiots. I faxed them over 15 times and they say "no we never got a fax" I even faxed the back up fax number 15 times. I asked them if I could email it, "we don't use email." Ok, can I call the title department, "they don't have a phone number." THIS IS INANE! I am paying for a car I can't even drive!!!!!!! 

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