Wescom CU Reviews
Oct 17, 2016
do not get a loan thru them

 In late July 2016 I started the process to get a home equity line of credit thru Wescom.   We were told our loan would take 30 to 45 days to receive. On August 1 we sent in all documents requested. By August 16th there was another request for more documents which were immediately sent to the loan department and we were approved.   By the beginning of October there was no sign of this loan finally going through, so I contacted management.  I was told he would personal see that my loan would be pushed to the top of the pile so that I would get my loan ASAP.   I was contacted a week later by the appraiser (who had already come out and appraised my home) that he was told to re-appraise.  He asked if I was given instruction by the loan department to do any fix-ups that he was supposed to come out and inspect.  I informed him that we good to go as far as that was concerned and he was perplexed.   I decided to call 2 other appraisers to get their take on the matter, both of which said they believed it was a stall tactic.  It is now October 17th and we still do not have our loan.   

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