Tulsa Teachers CU Reviews
Mar 24, 2017
Their motto is sorry not sorry!

We bought a truck and set up automatic withdrawals about a year ago! For the first year everything was fine! At the begging of 2017 our auto withdraw stopped working, (not by our doing)! We called and tried to fix this issue, however everytime we call we get a new story as to why it's not working! The latest is "it just got deleted from our system!" We travel for a living and are nowhere near a TTCU. For the last 3 months we have had to call our payments in and it's a $15 charge every time, that's ridiculous! I could see a $3-5 charge, but $15 is out of the question! The best part is no one can seem to do anything to help us fix this problem, so we can either keep paying the $15 a month additional to our payment or open an account with them and have the money transferred to it first! Again we are nowhere near TTCU and do not want another account to keep track of! Not to mention they can't keep our truck loan account straight, I don't trust they will keep our bank account in working order either!

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