Seattle Metro CU Reviews
Feb 14, 2016
Very Low APRs as well as Generous Lines
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Salient Features of the SMCU Visa Card

1. High Credit Limits to Start ( Got approved for $25k without having been a SMCU member until that point)

2. Low APRs ( Less than half of what I was paying for Another Card from a Leading Bank ) - I got their Lowest APR

3. Instant Approval ( Approved While I was still on the Phone with Loan Officer.  ) - Also signed all Documents Electronically to Complete the Paperwork the same day

4. Good Customer Service at the Branch. 

Other Benefits

1. Checking Accounts with No Fees - In fact it pays 6.14% Interest on the first $500 in the Feel Good Checking Account

2. Shared Branching and Free CO-OP ATMs through out the Nation.

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