Scott CU Reviews
May 18, 2016
I'd rather keep my money in a hole.

Worst bank (credit union w/e) I have ever dealt with.  No limit on amount of overdraft fees they will charge per day, will hold personal checks deposited for well over a week!  If you have deposited a check to keep your account from being overdrawn and it is "pending", you can bet your life that they will process as many other pending charges as possible so they can rack up the fees.

My debit card was frozen due to "suspicious charges".  What was suspicious Scott, the groceries I bought at the store down the street?  The ATM withdrawl at the ATM down the street?  The other same exact things I buy all the time?

OHH and the kicker, the time there actually WAS fraud on my account, they did not freeze the card, and then they tried to tell me they would not refund the money because they could not determine for sure it wasn't me that made the charges: a $400 charge an African weave store (I'm white and blonde), a gas station and a liquor store in the hood nowhere near anywhere where I have made a purchase before...

Some of the tellers are rude, customer service is terrible.  I have banked at US Bank, Chase, and a couple of small regional banks.  This is BY FAR the worst one I have ever used.  The reason I became a "member" lol is because I had heard that credit unions had all the benefits of a bank, but none of the drawbacks or some crap like that.  What I experienced was the exact opposite. 

If this were my only option for banking, I would rather dig a hole in my back yard and keep my money there.

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