M&T Bank Reviews
Jan 21, 2017
Struggling with M&T-no help!

My mortgage with Wells got transferred to MTT and I have tried a few times to get the payment down because the rate is super high and the payment is unberable.   They constantly send huge packages to my house telling me refinance, apply for a loan mod but over the years every time I wait and apply they either can't offer any help for me or can't give me anythiing to help.  The most recent offer they called me back with after a long ridiculous gathering of my information for a whole lot of nothing in return was an offer for a Loan Mod to get my payment down for 6 months by $90 but of course my payments would only be going to interest for that six months to do this and they would add these to the end of my loan so what help is that??!  Only a person who is completely ignorant would opt for this offer.  They are no help at all!  I even told the girl on the phone I am feeling like M&T is not willing to help me and there are no further options for me and she was just kind of like oh well, im sorry this is all we can approve you for now and then asked again if I was sure I didn't want to move forward with that ridiculous offer.   I said no thank you and then of course I had to sign another set of paperwork saying they offered me assistance (yeah right!!) and I didn't want to accept it.  They are a joke.  Once rates go down It is my top priority to refinance out of M&T Mortgage Company as my servicer.

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