LendKey Reviews
Nov 13, 2016
Horrible timeconsuming experience

We've uploaded about a dozen documents.  Every time we submit what they say they need on the application, or what they say they need in an email, the document gets rejected.  My paystub got rejected; we needed to upload  my wife's paystubs to show household income.  We uploaded that, then that we rejected. Now they needed 1040.  Next they needed proof of my wife's residence and were told to upload her DL.  We did that, but then that wasn't good enough, we had to upload her voting id or utility bill.  Still waiting on that one.

Meanwhile, by 19 year old son uploaded his DL (govt issued id as requested on the application). That was reject, they emailed us a form and he has to go to a notary public.

This has been the biggest runaround and so timeconsuming.

They need to give everything up front that you need to apply rather than this back and forth game.

We found one person that thinks it's a mess and had vowed to straighten it all out and help us.  She thinks we've given more than enough information they need.  We will see what she is able to do.

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