LendKey Reviews
Oct 20, 2017
Not good if you plan to pay off sooner
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Lendkey reps were always pleasant while speaking with them, but nobody could give me the correct answer about my loans. It took way too long for lendkey and nelnet to communicate leading to a high principle amount because of the time it took to switch over. 

I also was told that when paying extra, it would be separate from my automatic monthly payment. this was also not true. Their website takes >/= 1 week to become accurate after payments and is not very user friendly. 

The low interest rate was nice but the website is inconvenient and if you plan to pay your loan off faster than intended with automatic payments, don't choose lend key. Because I paid extra towards my loan my automatic monthly payment was lowered, therefore making it even more difficult for me to knock down the principle amount. 

thumbs down honestly, and I rather have stuck with Nelnet and paid extra than have switched to lendkey.

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