Hyundai Finance Reviews
Jan 20, 2017
Hyundai Motor finance

Has been one of the worst experiences ever first they made a mistake at the dealership paid off the wrong vehicle account number instead of mine. This was unknown to me at the time next thing you know I get a call from a collection agency stating that there's a balance on my old car when I tried to explain that the error must be on Hyundai's part they were dismissive and unwilling to listen even after me spending weeks bouncing back and forth from the dealership and Hyundai Motor financing the dealer finally found the problem and admitted to the error that they made never did I receive an apology or any sympathy for the headaches that Hyundai Motors finance had caused it was truly a headache for me. Although I love Hyundai vehicles it's unfortunate how drastically different I feel about Hyundai Motor Finance employees and customer service.

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