Heritage Trust FCU Reviews
Nov 29, 2016

I opened up an account here a few years ago because my husband banks here and has since he was a teenager. His brothers, mother, you name it, use this bank. I have had my card declined several times because of "possible fraud". No one called me to tell me they were locking it and when I called customer service, they couldn't help, so I had to go into the branch where they told me it had been locked & they unlocked my card while I was there. One of the times was because I had picked up my prescription at Publix and paid and then I went grocery shopping and paid for groceries, so they said "more than one transaction in the same location is suspicious". It is SO embarrassing to stand in a grocery/doctor/etc. line to pay & have it declined when I KNOW there is money in the bank. Then, my husband, brother-in-law, and I went to NY for a wedding and we got stuck there because they shut off our cards. Customer service was USELESS! Of course, it was our fault because we did not tell them we were going out of town. Now on to today’s matter. I went to transfer my husband $50 and accidentally added an extra zero. It transferred $500 from my account that I didn't even have, to my husband AND charged me a "convenience fee". As soon as I did it, I had my husband transfer it back, I called customer service, and sent a message on the mobile website to ask for the $35 fee to be waived/refunded. Of course customer service couldn't help me. I still have yet to receive a message back from anyone. I called customer service again and again, they were unable to help me. Then I called Member Services. They were also unable to help! Someone with possibly call me back in one business day or I can go into the branch. This is unacceptable! I pulled all of my money out when the NY thing happened to go somewhere else, but I decided that I would give them one more chance since it was our fault for not letting them know we were leaving the state. Not this time. As soon as my $35 fee is returned, I am out of there! 

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