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Jan 12, 2017
Reports false info to credit bureau
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Ford Credit started off on the wrong foot with me when I made my very first payment.  Hadn't gotten any information from the dealer as to account information, just knew it was through Ford Credit.  When I finally got an invoice (got 4 peices of mail about my loan on the same day--for some reason they all went out at once) and went online to pay electronically, it was on a Friday afternoon.  The payment, even if I made it then, was not going to be processed until the following Tuesday! and then a late charge would be due.   I work with electornic payments all the time in day to day work and Ford is one of the only companies who waits so long to post a payment.  There is no need for it other than to have an excuse to charge fees.  If the IRS, every credit card I have and loan can process a payment the same day there is no reason why Ford shou;ld take 4 days.    Now when I'm going to get another car loan I'm finding that Ford has reported me as being 60 days late.  Went ot their web site and printed out the report of all payments, there is nothing even close to 60 days (not even 30) listed, so I don't know how they can get that.  Becuase of that one late payment on my credit report (only late in 5 years) I am having trouble getting a mortgage. 

In addition, part of the way through my lease, my car was totaled by a drunk driver.  Trying to reach someone in the loss department to take care of things was a nightmare.  Even the insurance claims person ran into hours-long hold times to try to reach someone.  It took them 2 weeks to return a call the first time.  Calling the main customer service number didn't help--they would just say I had to call another 800 number that resulted in endless hold. 

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