Ford Credit Reviews
Feb 06, 2017
Let me rebuild my credit
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I put money down with a credit score of 620 back in Dec 2014 on 2015 Escape thinking I wouldn't get approved for a lease. Not only did I get approved but gave me a great rate. I was told to never miss a payment and I will be able to come back to lease again. I decided to turn my lease in early for a 2017 just last week thinking let's see if the dealer was correct about getting approved easily again. Sure enough I got approved and was told I was a Tier 1 customer so I got an upgrade. I'll stick to the same plan of paying a half car payment every 2 weeks so I will always be ahead of the loan. The finance manager said when he talked to Ford they loved how I did the payments and asked if I would be doing the same? I told them yep, and I will back again in 3 years!

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