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Jul 02, 2017
Be careful here
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These guys are not ready for home mortgages yet. Very poor communications from the Rep - wouldn't return emails or calls. Be careful with these guys.

i subsequently wrote a review on Bankrate and a guy named David (business Mgr) called me to discuss the loan, which I said no thank you of course.  Told him his rep Kristine was not responsive.  Subsequently I found out he was solely concerned with the poor review i wrote on bankrate. He told me that the review was removed and he threatened me by saying I falsified my income. Unbelievable!!! I have an +820 credit score.

Shows the integrity of this guy and the company.

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Aug 18, 2017
Better than SoFi even with a higher rate

Earnest offered a slightly higher rate than I received from SoFi. However, Earnest offers a biweekly automatic payment option vs SoFi's standard monthly autopay. The biweekly autopay option ends up saving you money in the long run. I completed my application and waited about a week while I was deciding which lender to go with. In that time, Earnest offered a $300 credit if I went with them. This helped solidify my decision.

The one downside to Earnest was that I received a higher rate when I submitted my full app vs my initial interest rate. I was told that the initial rate is almost never the same as what is offered with the full application. This struck me as a bait and switch but I admit I understand more details come from the full application. Still, I didn't think that my application worse.

Regardless, in my situation it made sense to go with a slightly higher rate with Earnest which would end up being a slightly lower rate than SoFi because of the biweekly autopay option. The $300 credit was icing on the cake!

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