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Apr 28, 2017
No such thing as Pre-Qualified !
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These guys are a bunch f scam artsits. Get mail and emails stating that I have been pre-qualified to reduce my debts. My score is above 640 and I do have credit card and car loan totaling less than $10k. So I figure I apply to reduce my payments and clean my debts. After almost 3 weeks of going back and forth, sending them pay check stubs, 1099 for extra income and so forth. I get an email that the loan application had expired and then a letter stating they did not approve due to my credit score and deragatory on my credit. If they looked at it correctly they would of found none. Yes my balances are duh thats why I was appplying for this loan. Now I have a hard inquire on my credit and these scam artists have all my information. If I had perfect credit score I would not need to apply with you......Becareful people....Now I have to monitor my credit to make sure these so called loan specialist don't use my information. Total bull crap...they are not here to help what so ever. Stay completely away from them if you are trying to keep your credit strong......

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