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Why is my credit score so low?
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Click on "Report Card" in the "My Credit" area of the website - it will show you an item-by-item explanation of what is good and not so good with your credit history.

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Well, you haven't given any detail, so it's pretty much impossible to answer this question.

Scores are low if you don't pay on time, if you are young and don't have much credit (e.g., not many accounts, or only one type of account), if you have judgments against you (e.g., bankruptcy, writeoffs, or repossessions), if your credit is maxed out, or if you've tried to get a lot of credit all at the same time, and been denied.

These are a few of the major reasons why a score can be low, but without more detail, it's impossible to know why it's low in your particular case. Good luck.

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