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Whats the most important negative factor in my credit?
I would really appreciate any comments or advise posted in reply to my question.
My worst situation in ther past -
I was 19 and pretty new to credit usage. I was not aware of the improtance of credit score. I had 3 credits with a the avaiable credit of 3800$ all together in 2011. I missed a lot of payments and started getting calls from the credit card companies. I never responded any calls. I guess eventually all my accounts were placed into collections. On the other hand i had a couple of medical bills from 2012. I never tracked my credit score until the begining of 2015. I was running on debit cards & cash. Never had a situation where i need credit. I am now at a position to buy a good car. I realize that credit score & history are the most important factors in doing so.
In august i payed off all collection accounts that are listed on my credit report. 2 of them were removed from my report, but one cllection account is still existing with PAID status. My credit scores went up by 60 points or so as soon i paid off the collections.
I applied for a capital one secured master card, quick silver. I have 2000$, 500$ of credit limits respectively. I am a member of all 3 credit beaureus and my scores are as follows.
TU- 661
EQ - 585
EX - 588
I spoke all beaureaus about the paid collection account and they said it will be on my credit report until 7 years from the original account is reported as derogatory. I do not understand why my credit scores vary so much with different companies. I am trying hard to improve my credit.I still have to pay 1326$ deliquent balance towards a citi card i had in 2011. I expect to pay it off by JAN 2016. Please suggest what should be the best possible thing for me to do to build my credit.

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Is this with Citibank or did this debt go to collections? How long has it been since this debt went into collections? If it's still with Citi, please pay as much as possible.

Collections? The best possible way? pay for delete. Credit reporting bureaus hate this because in their eyes, it's an inaccurate portrait of your credit history. Some collection agencies practice this gray area but they are trying to recover as much as they can as soon as possible. If you call collections and ask how much would it take to do one of these, they may be willing to do it. It's entirely up to them. 

First off, it's insanity to give them the full amount. They will bully you, they will harass you, even though they paid pennies on the dollar on the debt. Google pay for delete. offer them 25%-30% of the debt. See what they counter with to get this debt scrubbed from your credit report. Remember, they want the most money as possible as quick as possible and they'll comply if you are willing. If you willingly give up the 1326 without a fight, that debt may just linger in your report for 7 years!

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