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What other steps can I take to repair my credit?
So I am 22 years old. I had pretty good credit to be so young up until a year ago. I'm now at 498 ): I had 4 credit cards open, 3 were small amounts and 1 was almost $1000. I had some medical bills in collections, as well. I got a large tax refund this year for my daughter so I just assumed paying everything off would be the best way to go. Well, I've been reading some other people's questions and responses...and, apparently, that's not the way to go.

Now, I'm always on time with my utility bills and phone bill. I don't have anything like that on my credit. I have been told that that doesn't really help your score, even though they base your service and payments off of your credit (which is complete bull to me. but that's another discussion).

My question is, I didn't know you could ask to PFD until right now and I paid everything off except my student loans last week. Can I call them and ask them to delete it? Or is it not even worth the hassle? Also, what other steps can I take? I just open a Secured credit card with Visa from my bank account and plan on only using that card for gas maybe once a week and paying it off on time. What else can I do?

My credit score isn't a reflection of just me. My mom had terrible credit and needed some help. I shouldn't have done it but I did. Now I'm paying for it. I just want to get back in good standing. I don't want to feel embarrassed anymore.

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Still request!

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Still request to see if they will delete, eventhough you already sent them payment.  You have nothing else to loose. All the damege has already been done.  Do make sure to check your credit file and that the collections where updated to pay.  Sometime the collections agency will only report it to one of the credit files and not all three Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.  I had this happened to me and didnt realized it until years later when I couldnt figure out why my credit kept being weighed down.  Then I disputed the transaction with the reporting agency that still had it as collection, an whiin 30 days my score shot up like 35 points.

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Time on your side.

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You're only 22, that's 4 years during which to build credit and (especially considering they're not teaching any financial management classes in high school :(   ) you've made a few mistakes, but nothing seriously major.

Your student loans are an item that will remain until paid off and for up to 10 years after.  They cannot be discharged in bankruptcy or negotiated down (tried that, unsuccessfully).  PFDs are good, but must be negotiated before making that final payment.  You might be able to get them to delete after the fact, but it's not guaranteed they will.  Let's hope you don't have to do the settlements in the future.

I hope your name is not on your Mom's accounts because her poor credit history will reflect badly on you if your name is associated with her accounts.

Masking regular payments on all accounts is very good for credit.  Keep that up.  The secured card will help some.  Get the student loan paid off as fast as possible because of the headache they cause should there be any late payments.  Go to the Credit Score Simulator on this site and play with the "what ifs" on that to see what else can help your credit score.  It may take some time and effort, but you have a good start and should do fine.

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