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What if something is on report you know nothing about?
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Greetings! It sounds like you may be the victim of identity theft. I had a $900 phone bill show up on

my credit report about a year ago. I kept disputing and saying it's not mine. But blessings come from the last place you would think. The last collection agency that took this account sent me the fraud paperwork to submit to ATT. Perhaps the collection agencies will turn out to be your friend. Here are the credit bureau fraud alert phone numbers they gave me.  Equifax 8005256285, experian 1888397342 and transunion 18006807289. I pray this helps. Blessings to you. If youu find any addresses on your credit report that you never lived at, try to remember them. The collection agent I spoke with told me the address that the ATT bill related back to. I recognized it as one I had removed from my credit report a year ago due to dispute. Unfortunately, it didn't help me prove the enormous phone bill was not mine. i don't even know how a person could make a $900 phone bill!!! Too bad no one  listened til I threatened to hire an attorney...

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 I just used this service for the first time. I see that when my student loan was transferred from one bank to another, the first was never closed. It looks like I owe double the amount. It also shows that I have a credit card with a $5500. limit that I don't have. no charges on it thankfully. It also shows that I have 3 accounts in collection. If this is true I know nothing about it!! How can I handle these issues? This gives me a very low rating! I also had a car loan that I paid off in monthly installments early but now mention of that! Shouldn't that show up and raise my score? This is so frustrating!!! Did I mention the 2 hard credit inquiries? I haven't applied for credit since the car, 6 years ago and the 1 credit card that I have, about 1 year ago!!

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