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what if im canadian?Can you help me?
I am a Canadian citizen. I live in Canada. But I have a dual citizenship and SSN number that I have never used. Can i still apply?
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They should ask what country FIRST

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YOu can fill out youre email address and they immediately start sending emails but on the 2nd page you can't finish (if you're not american, I get that).

Just ask FIRST what country you are from and tell people not to waste their time trying to sign up.

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yup i got to 2nd page and ope in canadian we never get free **** like this so bull****

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Canada is looking for free credit report

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Dear Credit Karma,

Obviously Canadians are looking to use the services of your website.  I would use it on a weekly basis as I have been a victim of identity theft and need to check my report often so I can contact the companies that appear on it.  This is one of the best tools I have to keep my own credit under proper control.  I use another site but have to pay for it.

Could you please work on extending your services to Canada?  I will be the first to sign up as I'm sure other Canadians will do the same.

Thank you.

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Equifax is one option for Canadians to access their credit report. It costs $15.50 for the 'credit report' only.  If you want to know what is impacting your credit score the charge is higher. I purchased this a few years back and it didn't exactly meet my expectations. The report indicated 'no credit' which was very confusing to me.

FYI- Equifax and Transunion are American owned companies that provide a service for a fee to Canadians. However, it is not that they are Canadian companies providing service to Canadians at a cost.

Now that doesn't mean that there aren't physical spaces in Canada that operate under Equifax or Transunion; and it also doesn't imply that they do not employ Canadians. In fact, they have offices worldwide and have posted increasing profits in every country they are in except Brazil (for some reason). That being said they are American companies providing services at a cost to Canadians. Head office for Equifax is in ATLANTA, GEORGIA and employs 650 people. They have offices worldwide and their estimated annual revenue is $2 BILLION.

Advertising Credit Karma as a free servive seems to be causing a lot of uproar because it has not been extended to Canadians; however this is a great marketing scheme to get the Canadian government to loosen policy restrictions on who has access to the Canadian market and how. Advertising American services on Canadian or International channels is a way of stirring the pot; creating competition.  It wouldn't be the first time our government developed policies that carried benefit for them at the expense of Canadians. You can be sure that our government is benefitting financially in some manner to allow this to continue. 

This doesn't mean that Canadians have stood by and not voiced concerns..."Equifax has been fined by the Federal Trade Commission twice since 1970 for violating the FCRA. Once in 2000 for blocking phone calls from consumers who attempted to learn more about their credit reports, and once again in 2003 for the exact same reason. But, they are not alone in this practice. Experian and TransUnion were both fined for the same thing in 2000".

Food for thought...

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Good into ty. Not nice that they advritise in Canada though.

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stupid idiots advertise on canadian tv but canadian people cant even register.


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It is not their fault if they advertise on a network in the US that happens to run in Canada.

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Only thing is is that they have the comercail airing on Canadian Television too

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Get a clue people

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I am Canadian and I am smart enough to realize that the majority of the tv commercials I see are aimed at an American audience. It's the price I pay to watch US programs on US channels.  Just because you see the commercial on a tv that is located in Canada, that doesn't make it a Canadian show!!  If you want to see only Canadian commercials, watch CBC, CTV, Citytv or Global. If there are other Canadian channels that I haven't mentioned, I apologize. My point is that unless you want to watch only Canadian channels, you're going to see American commercials 

So do what I did. When you see something that interests you on an American commercial, Google it with the word Canada at the end. "Credit Karma Canada" brought me here. I know now that this company doesn't offer services to Canadians. 

Hey entrepreneurs??  Here's an idea that might work in Canada!! 

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But they advertise that they are now available in Canada now -- saw the ad just last week -- so they should either change their application form or stop making the statement. Argh.

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good for you smarty pants

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Please credit Karma?

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Please credit Karma. Please find a way to make this website  work for us canadians i my self is a victum of identity theft and would really like to use your website. This would be veary big!!! for canadians. Please and Thank you

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Canada Credit Service Companies

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There are many credit companies in Canada that offer this kind of service. One off the top of my head is called Canada Credit Fix.

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This site isnt about fixing your credit dip**** its about finding out what it is. Thanks for the stupid advise

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US Advertisements on Canadian TV

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I'm pretty sure that in todays day and age that it is not difficult to organize what is being advertised to Canadians on American television channels. There is a degree of control and they know where their channels are aired and to which countries. 

Arrogance not ignorance, has led this decision and Canadians know the difference.

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Please introduce this service in Canada

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I checked out some of the reviews of this service and I really liked what I saw. I was sooo jazzed up about signing up only to be let down by the time I got to the second page... If you dont offer the service to Candadians at this TIME, then I reccommend that you state that earlier on in the application form, that way there is no confusion.. Otherwise, this sounds like a very innovative solution to those of us who are trying to get their credit in order. 

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The Karma system does not appear to be set up for Canadians to complete the application form.

It does not accept the Canadian Provincial abbreviations or spaces for 6 letter and number combination  postal codes. If we can't apply then we can't use it! Just my opinion.

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