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What does "THD/CBNA" mean?
My Report says that I have a credit card named "THD/CBNA" which is incorrect. What does it mean and how do i remove it?
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THD  means the Home Depot

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I had a similar item show up on my report in September, just saw it today. It shows as a new credit card BBY/CBNA. With google and this forum it occurs to me that I recieved a letter, about 6-8 weeks ago stating that my Best Buy card was going to be owned/serviced by Citi Bank in the future. Now it all makes sense. Citi is showing, to the credit reporting agencies, that I have a credit card with them with a zero is my Best Buy card.

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Credit Limit Reduced

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I had a notice on Credit Karma that my credit limit on THD/CBNA credit card had been reduced from the limit to 0.  Couldn't figure out what this was either.  Evidently, Home Depot got impatient with my not having used the card for a long time and reduced my credit limit to 0 (with no notice, by the way) and causing my credit score to drop 4 points!  Keep your score high by making at least one charge on each card per year to keep it active and maintain your total credit limit.

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CBNA means Citibank North America.

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I have no city bank account nor do i remember having one

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Had the same thing

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I have them showing up on my report as well.  I paid off my card in 2010.  I just called and was told that they continue to save the acct info and report on it for 12 months after it was closed.  I was told that they would stop reporting on mine in June.

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I have both home depot and THD/CBNA.

This is confusing, because I checked my home depot account, and it said paid in full, yet THD/CBNA has a balance.

what gives?

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oh forgive me i do have a home depot card i did not know that citibank north america was home depot

thanks for clearing that up for me

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Banks offer credit cards in many many company names so even though you're paying you Home Depot credit card Home Depot got all their money when you used the card and you actually owe Citi Bank or Lowe's or any other company that partnered with Citi Bank.

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I have this on my report and I don't have this card. they say I owe 59.00..
How do I get this of my report??

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dispute it with whom? do you have any info?

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I have no idea what this is can you please let me know

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