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Need help cleaning credit and raising score. Best strategy!!!
So I have been trying to clean up my credit and raise the score (with all 3 agencies) for the last 6 months. Just when I thought things were looking up and 2 our of 3 were in the mid 600s and rising, I submitted disputes with all 3 agencies. I got 2 out of 3 back and on one of them my score went down almost 100 a point. I wasn't happy about that, but I guess I understand why after doing some research

Here are my questions and thank you in advance, if you can provide some valuable answers!!!

1. I have some accounts that say they are in collection, but they havent reported anything since 2012. Should they still be in collection? I paid EVERYTHING off. I should not have any accounts, that I know of, in collection, but all 3 reports are showing different accounts in collection, even after the disputes. Its hard to understand who is who and what is what from these **** reports. I don't understand what is suppose to be on there and what's not. Like for example, if something was transfered from one lender to another, should it still be there or something that was paid off in a settlement, should it still be there? Very confusing

2. Those items that I have either settled on or were paid off fully will be on my record for 7 years no matter what I do, correct? I owed about $15k and settled everything for about $10k about 4 years ago. I did not know much about credit reports and the inaccuracy of some of the entries. Some are very inaccurate and not up to date, even after dispute

3. If there are still issues after the dispute, should I try to continue to dispute or leave it alone? Should I contact the original creditor or the collection company that bought the debt?

4. What is your best advice, and forgive me if I am like the 10000 person who is asking this, to improve my credit score as well as my report? I have one Amex card and just got 2 more cards (not secured) from Cap One and Premier. Should I get gas cards or store cards as well? While I am better than most with computers and technology, I am far from being good at understanding credit.

I know there are no shortcuts, but there are proper ways of doing things to improve my overall standing and that is what I am looking for generally speaking

Your advice is greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance,

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