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my score went down because I wasan authorized user
I was an authorized user on my boyfriends account he said he needed me to be on the account so he could get accepted I thought that was good but once he spend every thing on the credit card plus more and didnt pay it off and I never used it myscore went down what should I do who should I call to change my score back to normal ?

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That is incredibly serious and I hope you get out of it soon.  Since you agreed to add your name to the account, you are now legally responsible for the debts that HE incurred, with or without your knowledge.  It doesn't matter if he lied to you or misled you or kept information from you, you are still as responsible for that debt as him. It doesn't matter that you did not use the card, either.  If your name is on it, the debt is yours.

The first thing you need to do is to take your name OFF the account, as soon as you can.  It won't wipe away your portion of the existing debt but it will keep your BF from hurting you even further. Needless to say, NEVER do anything like this again!!  This will be a very expensive lesson for you, unfortunately.

Call the card issuer and explain the situation to them and see if they will grant you some mercy.  It's a long shot, but if you can prove that you did not use the card and that your BF will NEVER take advantage of you like this again, you might be able to reach a settlement.

Now you have to build your credit score all over again.  It will be a long process, and naturally you will feel betrayed and frustrated about it, but like I said you have to face reality.  See what your credit score is now, and resolve to bring it up again.  You may have to resort to a secured credit card for the next year or so, but it's not the end of the world. 

Again, please please please NEVER do something like that again.  

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Authorized User or Joint Account Holder

I think you need to first identify what your relationship is to the account.  Typically, an authorized user does not "help" someone get an account, but a joint account holder (with better credit or higher income) would.  Did your boyfriend need your wage information or social security number when applying for the card?  Unless its an AMEX, that should be a red flag.

It is important to understand that, for all intents and purposes, an authorized user is a guest on the account; they can accrue charges on the account with the card they hold, but the primary card holder is responsible for the charges (although this can vary by issuer - again, AMEX is one that comes to mind).  A joint user, on the other hand, shares responsibility.

If he maxed out the card, or ran up a large percentage of the available line on the card, this likely is the cause of the decline in your credit score.  If he had a $1000 limit, and maxed the card at $1000, and you have your own credit line with a $1000 limit, in addition to his, you are now at 50% utilization and that will cause your score to drop. If he has late payments, that will also hurt you.  


  1. Identify if you are an authorized user or joint account holder.
  2. If you are an authorized user, call the card issuer (number on the back of the card) and ask to be removed.
  3. This will restore your utilization when the next cycle hits as you will no longer be attached to the card. 

Just on a side note, I would have a long talk with your boyfriend about responsible cash management.  Maybe there was a good reason, but he could have harmed your credit in the process.  From long life experience, this is usually a bad sign for relationships and an open, honest conversation makes a big difference for you and your future.

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