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My mom put accounts in my name when I was younger and now my credit is horrible.
It's important to note that I agreed to her putting these accounts in my name, but only because she guilted me into it as soon as I turned 18. Now there is $4000 in debt to these companies. Is there a way to transfer these accounts to her name even though they're in collections now and I did sign the contracts when I was 18? She basically told me that I had to put these bills in my name or else we wouldn't have phones/electricity/gas because she already owed them money that she couldn't pay. I don't want to sue my mom or anything, I just want my credit score to get fixed.

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Unfortuatley, YOU signed the agreements

That makes you legally responsible.  there is no way to transfer these accounts into her name.

Now that they are in collections, I would suggest that you get your Mom to pony up some cash and start dealing with these. You didn't mention how old these accounts are.  If any of them are close to 7 years old, leave them alone, They will no longer be collectable once they are 7 years old.  If they are less than 6 yrs old, then start dealing with them. 

First start with a "validation letter", Google it for a template and more info.  NEVER CONTACT THE COLLECTION AGENCY DIRECTLY UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO SETTLE. if you contact them they will re-set the collections clock, so the account will stay on your report for another 7 years.  The Validation letter is written to the Credit bureaus asking them to verify the account is legally collectable.  If the collection agency does not have all the proper paperwork they will have to remove the account from your report. 

Any account that is validated must be dealt with. You will have to pay that debt, But you might be able to make a deal to settle for less.    Google, "Pay to delete" and "offer and compromise" both these methods as well as a combination of the 2 can be used to pay off the debt for less and have it removed from your credit report.  Always write to the collection agencies, Do not call them,
Address any letters to them ATTN: Collections manager.  Also mail these "Return Reciept Requested.  You want to maintain a paper trail because Collection agencies are notorious for not keeping promises they make on the phone.

You can also read up on all of these here on CK,  Check out the articles for more on how all this works.

Good luck

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