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My credit karma score is far lower than any of my scores from the credit bureaus
My credit karma score is 595. Meanwhile - my Experian score (from experian) is 663, my Equifax score (from Equifax) is 645 and my TransUnion (via walmart FICO) score is 702. What gives CreditKarma? It seems like my CreditKarma score used to be fairly accurate now it seems to have no connection to reality.

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Same here

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Credit Karma is 100 to 120 lower that my actual scores? This is crazy, it I relied solely on Credit Karma I would think my credit is crap when it not.

Credit Karma was a good tool, but not any more. ;(


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CreditKarma Exists To Sell Ads

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Have any of you read the fine print?! While I do find the service to be helpful for things like alerts and tracking, I take their numbers with a grain of salt... Think about it; it is a free service... In 'free' services, the CONSUMER is the product. Why do you think the site and app have a ton of private firm ads for financial products?

Think of it this way: the lower you think your score is, the more likely you are to use the advertised product, and there is no clear-cut way to calculate scores, so KC will never be called out on it...

My policy is use the service as an alert system; go to your BANK if your looking for financial solutions.

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Can't be trusted anymore

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They have lost all credibility in my mind. They are too busy marketing subprime lending solutions for people with low scores. They have a financial incentive in lowballing your scores.

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I am dealing the same thing right now. It seems like credit karma does not update their reports.

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Credit Score inaccurate

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My (Credit Karma) credit score dropped 60+ pts in one month due to Credit Karma's inaccurate compliing of credit details.

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Credit Karma inaccuracy

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Credit Karma is not updating frefquently. I still have a balance of over a $1000 in a credit card, when I already pay it off. This makes the score go down fast. 

I recommend Credit Karma to update more frequent.

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I have the same issues with Credit Carma it shows my Transuniun on Walmart Fico of 649 and my Experian 670 the Credit Carma shows 585 I haven't seen my Transuniun that low ever? Should I be concerned?

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Algorithms vary.  FAKO scores are useful for monitoring trends.  If you want your actual FICO score then you need to obtain your actual FICO score.

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Credit Score Latency

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It looks like Credit Karma actually updates your information fairly quickly but still has to wait for the "official" update from a credit bureau (e.g.; TransUnion) before they can update your Credit Score.

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I have 3 A's, 2 B,s, & 1 C (hard inquiries, which aren't supposed to account for much).  Yet my overall rating is a "C". Explain how that can be

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