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Is the vantagescore actually Transunions credit score?
I was wondering if anyone else has a subscription through the Transunion site and has an exact match for the "vantagescore" and their Transunion credit score.

I have been monitoring my credit in hopes to get a VA home loan in the near future. I haven't got much for credit besides my car payment and a recently opened secured credit card. When I first started on the site my CK score was 535 while my vantage score was 603. I was down and out and felt overwhelmed and thought it was going to be a long hard road to obtain the 620 score I needed for the VA home loan. Between opening up a secured credit card and hiring Lexington Law to remove some of the derogatory remarks (small hospital bills, when I was without health insurance) and have seen my CK score jump to 611 (from 535) and my vantagescore jump to 713( from 601). This happened between December 2013 to the present. Which I believe is a pretty good jump in such a short period of time.

I called Veterans United to utilize their lighthouse program, which helps people to improve their credit score if they are eligible for VA home loans. I figured I was 9 points away from where I needed to be, at least for Transunion, and that this program may help me gain those points so that I would qualify for the loan. When Veterans United pulled my credit to see if I'd be a candidate I wasn't. Not because I was too far away but because I already had the score I needed to qualify. CK showed my score as 611 and at that time my vantage score was 659 and 659 was the score that Veterans United showed as my actual Transunion credit score. Perfect match.

I had no idea what the vantagescore was and I'm still a little naïve to the whole credit process even though I've learned a lot through trying to improve my credit. I started wondering as a month or so went by if the vantagescore was indeed my Transunion score. But then why would CK show my Transunion score as being much lower. I subscribed to Transunion to view my credit score through their site and again they show my score (through the vantagescore) as now being 713. Transunion offers no other score. It seems the vantagescore is your credit score for Transunion.

Anyone else have a subscription with Transunion and see an exact match? Is the vantagescore my actual credit score for Transunion? And if so where does credit karma get this "Transunion credit score" that I can find no where on the Transunion site at all?

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Vantage Score is actually one of dozens of scoring models that TransUnion uses. You also have Vantage scores from Experian and Equifax. Some lenders may use Vantage score but virtually all lenders use the FICO scoring model so Addison170 is right, the score that counts the most is FICO score. Unfortunately Credit Karma doesn't offer FICO and even if they did it likely wouldn't be free.

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There are literally hundreds of different scoring models and none match up to each other.  This is just ways for the credit bureaus and other entities to confuse the consumer and sell crap we don't need.  The only score that counts is your FICO score.  You can only get your FICO score when you apply for a mortgage, purchase it online from or if you have a Discover IT card, they put it on your statement.  To learn more, Google "FICO vs FAKO" and you'll see what I mean.

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I think so

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I was wondering the same thing. When I checked my credit report on i got the same score as the Vantage score on credit karma. 

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Is the vantagescore actually Transunions

LOL - FICO vs FAKO.  Funny, but I understand the industry is in transition and might adopt VANTAGE as their primary scoring model. I also understand there really is a tooth fairy.

Understand ?

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