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I'm a single mother who's credit went down the drain; I was denied help..I work my my butt off!!
Hello, I'm a Single mom of 2 boys. Shared custody of my 8 yr old. My 18 yr old does not go to college, I cannot get a financial loan for him, he doesn't apply for any grants etc & is actively looking for a job. I Collect SSD during & for the post dibilatating treatments of cancer medications (post-osteoporosis , rhumetoid arthritis disintegrated disc disease), I suffered a PE 8 yrs ago , after my 8 yr old was born, caused some heart damage . I still will work side jobs, that I'm physically able too ,within SSD regulations. Then side job I work at, my hours were just cut, significantly. Less than a weeks notice. My score was over 700 back in 2013-14. It's never had been so good & all my debts were paid .My debt came to be when my old car died around that time , & I had to open cc's to pay for a rental just to get to work & the company went under. I went from 3 days of work to 1 every other week . I had to get another car w/ an auto loan, which caused a new & large payment . My ex husband pays no support. Nothing is in legal writing. I can't afford to put my son through that pain & my ex would try to go for full custody. That subjects closed, for now. Please do not ask or advise. I'm on my own. I "was" doing well. I feel embarrassed, humiliated & a burden to others. My family can't help me & none of my friends . I feel like I'm a whiner, a pathetic one, just talking about it. Its spiraled downwards so quickly ! I have 2 elderly dogs as well & no one can or will take them. Plus it would traumatize my 8 yr old. He's suffered enough loss. My children & pets are always taken c/o. Food, clothes medical etc. I will make any sacrifices for myself, like much needed Dr appts but if there's work, that's priority. As long as their fed well, clothed, heat, medically provided, electricity etc. that's what matters most. But w/hardly any $ coming in..what do I do ? Forget bankruptcy , I rent (been here almost 11 yrs but the owners changed this past year. I'm the oldest tenant out of the 4 duplexes ) & God forbid we had to leave, no one would lease to me. Consolidating.. I've tried years ago, it was a disaster & I'm not sure I could make the payments now & still reluctant.
I've called every utility company, credit cards, & loans to give them a heads up &
Any help they can provide. I've followed all the steps.
Avant( independently offered though credit karma) even turned me down. I'm in trouble & desperate. I'm stuck! I've applied for welfare, food stamps Liheap (pgw help) a few times. I'm always turned down. It's not right & it's very stressful when there is no one who will help me. I'm always fighting.
I was turned down for SSD in the middle of my chemo & radiation ! It's laughable.
I'm at a loss. So, my fellow friends, Any "concrete" ideas?

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You posted this under the "credit card" sub-forum yet you are not asking for specific credit card help/advice/tips .... responding to this topic is tricky. ... ok so first i want to say that i am responding because i've also had difficult times as a single mother VERY difficult times that i had to get out of on my own... i know how hard being ill, financially poor, alone, with child and depressed at the same time can be... what state are you in? Since it seems as though you have internet access and a computer or mobile phone Google "focus pointe global" they are a market research firm with legit studies you can start making money asap. Also there is another company they pays you to do things like mystery shop and try products. .. Google it... i suggest these because they require little time, effort and little skill set... 2nd you could create gofundme, giveforward fundly, youcaring accounts (google it)... 3rd there are websites are like wish granting sites....
If you have poor credit, was turned down by avant and have no way of repaying a loan i would close the chapter on trying to find a lender and look towards money you dont have to repay. You must find some sort of income. I remember when i was at one of my lowest points that i was a loser, unskilled, unhealthy, physically weak and there was no way i could manage to get income unless someone gave me a job... then i realized i was having a pitty party for myself. I realized this type of thinking may have been ok when it was just me but i have a little person that cannot fend for themself. I had to get to doing... i suggest listening to steve chandler's 101 ways to motivate yourself, the 7 habits of highly successful people and the 33 strategies of war (all available on YouTube search) they helped me... good luck

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I have no good answer for you at this time, I will try to put some thought into it. I am not understanding why you couldn't get approved for welfare being that you have a dependent that is under eighteen. Maybe you should try to apply again and see what happens. Check around to see if there are any local food banks or programs that could help you out. In the meantime, keep trying to find a few hours of work here or there, something should be available if you keep looking. Tell the eighteen year old that they are going to have to get a job because you cannot afford to fully support them any longer. I wish you the best and keep your head up, better days are coming. If I think of anything of value I will post back.

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Different states have different rules.  I would keep trying for assistance.

I agree with the post above. Also, there are many church pantries available, and you don't have to be affiliated with them. There are many cancer support groups through hospital and care centers, that don't just offer moral support.  Depending on the size of your city and location, many cancer  groups can put you in touch with other agencies who can assist.

Regarding your pets; pet food banks are available and even pet food stamps.  SNAP I guess food stamps are called now.  There are brighter days ahead. When a door closes, a window opens. 

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