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If my credit score is 597 which credit card is best for me? Also report the fastest.
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Capital One secured card and Orchard Bank are the ones I used to boost my score, and I got approved for them with a score that was about 40 points less than what you have now. They both report to all 3 bureaus at the STANDARD of every 30 days. I'm almost positive that there are no other cards that report sooner than that, because ~30 days is what the billing cycle is.

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Apply for the capitol one card, the one I have is awesome, about 17.90% in interest. they may start you off with a $300 limit but here's why it's a great card. You can make deposits on this card and up your limit whenever you like or want to increase your CL. I have been doing my research and having a high limit card managed properly can made you look good to the lenders. I currently have 3 cards and I have been paying religiously. Anyway you can up the limit on the card to $3000 max, when I get my income tax I was thinking about up my limit from $500 to $1500. With a managed limit like this, it will definetly increase you scores. Start off with credit cards to create and maintain a good paying history and then buy you house and car and stuff like that when you know for sure you can afford it. I forgot to mention this, but on the capitol one card, it also lets you add authorize users to piggy back off of you, and they also report to the three bureaus monthly as long as your're using the card and making a monthly payment. goodluck!

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they all report the same your best bet is a secured card they dont check your credit score

and they report like all other credit cards

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