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How to remove a closed account reported delinquent on payments?
I had a credit card delinquent on payments (3 late payments) a few yrs ago, but I payed it off and closed the account; it never got sent to collection. My credit report shows 1 account delinquent and I think is affecting my credit score, How can I remove this from my credit?

Thanks a lot :)

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Paid an account off and still shows open

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I had an account that has been paid off but yet it's said to still be opened and late. What can i or should i do? 

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shady is how to go

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Honestly, the only i have seen people fix old delinquencies and collections information on their reports is using shady attorney who will attack and hound creditors until they remove them before the 7 year mark. They can even remove what is needed until you have a nice record again and almost 800 score to work your way up and up. Just so people know it does exist but not legit of course...

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Remove Credit Cards

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I have credit cards on my report that have long since been closed. There are no negative entries on any of these accounts, I simply didn't like the service or company and went elsewhere. I don't have eleven cards in use. I actually only keep and use one card. I have to think the eleven cards showing on my account is impacting my credit score. Any feed back would be appreciated. Thanks

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Having the multiple credit cards on your record increases your available credit limit, even if you do not use them.  If the accounts are closed it is up to the card issuers to advise the credit firms about this, not you.  As I know it,  this does not hurt you and actually helps your credit if a limit is shown for the cards and no activity or delinquencies exist

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The longer an account is open. The better credit history.

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OLD Late Pmts. of CLOSED credit cards

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I have about 5-6 OLD credit card accounts that have been closed but are still showing up on my credit report as having had "late payments" made on them. This was a number of years ago but I'd have to go back through my records to find the exact date that I took care of all of this mess. 

A few of them did go to credit & collections but we made 'agreements' and they allowed me to pay off a lesser amount than what was actually due in order to get them out of collections. I paid the amounts they requested in full and everything was going along good, or so I though. Until I came here to Credit Karma and saw these "late payments" on 6 credit cards being reported. Not ONE of these credit cards is still open, I closed them long ago once they cleared the credit & collections agency. 

My question is, how do I go about getting these removed from my credit report. I believe they are holding me back from rebuilding my credit score. I did manage to get a credit card to start rebuilding my credit again and I've been very careful and cautious about how I use it and making sure that the payement (if not paid in full) is paid well in advance of the due date and usually if not paid in full I pay 7-10 times what the minimum payment is that is due. Oddly enough the credit card I got is a Chase credit card, and 3 of the 5-6 accounts showing these 'late payments' are from Chase! I see my credit score very slowly creeping up FINALLY, but I still think these "late payments" (as explained above) are holding me back when it comes to raising my credit score more quickly. 

Any ideas on how to fix this or do whatever it takes to get these "late payments" (of credit cards I no longer even have!) would be greatly appreciated.


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Many, many years ago I had a similar situation.  I do not know if all the laws/rules are still in play today, but what I did was I asked each of the 3 credit bureaus to verify the late payment information for all accounts that were showing late payments. Back then by law they had 30 days to get the data verified by the creditor and update your credit file. (since the information they show about you must be accurate, they don't have a lot of choice but to verify it).  Here was the thing at that time. If the information could not be verified, either by a response from the creditor within the 30 day time period or no response, by law (i think) the credit bureau's are required to remove the information since it could not be verified.  Worst case is that the creditors do verifiy everything, or sometimes they only partially verify number of late payments, or they don't or can't send verification.  This did work rather well for me about 25 years  ago.  I do not know if any of the rules have changed but it would be worth a try if you have some older late payments showing up.

If you try this and something gets removed or updated, keep an eye on it becasue the next time that creditor sends information to the bureau it might get put back on, although it should not. 

Nothing to lose really...

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It's closed. That's the problem

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Generally, if late payments are dated way back, they shouldn't affect as much, but three late payments is problem. I guess if the account is closed, there is nothing much you can do. However, just for the heck of it, call the issuer and ask them if there is any way they can do something.

I said so because ONE late payment was hurting me for a while and I didn't know it. However, that was not my fault. I thought of following it with the issuer. After multiple calls to multiple dept explaining this, they got it finally removed and increased my score by 15 points. However, my account was active all the time. So, an old late payment mark (backdated for almost 2 years!) was removed.

Botton line: If that late payment wasn't your fault, call the issuer and check with them. You never know unless you try.

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contact them in phone and writing and tell them to take it off, also contact all three credit agencies and have them take it off

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same problem

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I just looked at my repot and I have the same problem. The dates on the letter I have from when they settled and closed the account doesnt even match the date on this credit report! I need to get this removed! Apparently no1 on this website is willing to help us do that due to no1 responding to you. That shows me just how much they want to help

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It's part of your history.

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The Fair Credit Reporting Act (a federal regulation) requires that all credit activities be reported on credit reports for 7 years after date of last activity.  This include marks that we, as individuals, may not like but they happened, so have to be reported. And' there is no way to get them removed.  Sorry.

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That is not exactly always true.  Many users here have informed the community how they had issues removed.  I know for a fact it can be done.  If it has been reported in error, it can definitely be removed.  One just has to be persistent and work through the problem with the bureaus.  If that does not work, a good attorney can help get it resolved.  If an item has been paid, or better still, not paid yet, one may be able work out an arrangement whereas the item gets paid, but only if the original creditor agrees in writing to ask the bureaus to remove the item.  Or, will demand that the item be removed.

However, sometimes it will show as paid and closed, but is held in the records as a removed item.  But, it does not always have to show there, depending on the circumstances.

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Not true actually they dont have to by law report anything and yes there is a way to remove them.If an account is paid or closed they cannot report lates after the fact.You need to dispute this thru buru reporting.By mail is best, sent forum has excellent info and the moderators are helpful.They will verify all ive stated.I had reported lates after co and i got all of them removed.FCRA law protects YOU.You have options search disputes, and youll find what your looking for.By law if its not accurate, or cant be verified it has to be deleted.I went from a 580_640.

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This is not accurate. The reality is that the Credit Bureaus are private companies that make money by collecting your data and reselling as consumer leads to other private companies. Creditors also have to pay the credit bureaus to report consumer account history. 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act was created to LIMIT the credit bureaus (albeit not enough in my opinion) to how long they can report account history. The law says they cannot report any longer than 7 years (10 years for some accounts like tax liens). It is inaccurate to say they are required to report your account history. Your creditors can, and sometimes do, remove negative history at their descretion. If you ever have an employee from a creditor tell you they cannot remove negative history, it is because they have a company policy not to, not because the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires them to. 

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Actually, we as consumers do have some pull. I learned a little trick from a realtor friend of mine a few years ago. Simply dispute the items in question on each of the. 3 credit bureaus. Creditors only have 30 days by law to respond to inquiries. As a rule, if it is a closed or charged off account they don't bother and viola the item gets removed from your credit file. Once removed it cannot be reinstated.

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Ok well what if a late payment never happened?

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Incorrect information posted

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Hello. You have incorrect data that was corrected months ago on my Transunion account.

You are reporting that I was late 10 payments on my Sears account.

!. That was my husbands account.

2. Sears cannot count late payments after a bankruptcy filing date. Sears continued to submit delinquent payment information to the credit company AFTER the bankruptcy filing date on an account my husband was responsible for, not me. Take that information off. Filing date was Feb. 2013. All payments were current until we went to the attorney, filled out the paperwork and was instructed not to pay any more bills, but to send them to our atty. So, from Sept. 2012 - Feb. 2013 we sent the bills, including Sears, in to our atty making it a total of 5-6 months late payments on my husbands Sears acct per our legal instructions - not 11, 5-6 and NOT mine. 

Disputed information. Act appropriately as I am fighting you on this.

Kathy Shattler, M.S.,RDN

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You chould inform your attorney for your bankruptcy of the issues with Sears.  If they werepaert of the bankruptcy filing then they are legally bound to correct andclear the issue you note, and your attorney is the one whose jobit is to do that, even now.  Good luck!

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Old Accounts-Credit Cards

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Okay so i opened a pretty crappy credit card with first pREMIER bank when i was 18. i opened one in 2007 and another in 2008. obviously i paid off those cards i know i was late but the reason i say that is beacuse i opened another card in 2013 with this bank. now i have all three paid off and closed yet the accounts only show up on my equifax credit report my transunion does not show it it only shows my capital bank and my capial one. this bank has also reported a credit card i never had with them that shows me as a auth user under responsibility and not individual account or joint like any other account i have. 

how do i get this fixed when i have disputed with the card issuer reported it to the credit agency and neither the credit report or bank will help me. the bank says dispute it with the credit report and they will get the dispute and have it corected and the credit agency tells me in a letter the information on your credit report has been evaluated and has been cross referenced with the finacial institution and has provided suficient data to prove the report is being corectly reported. 

i dont understand this. if i never paid the cards from when i was 18 why would they give me another. the one from 2008 is over 7 years old the one from 2009 will be 7 years old in january. does anyone know how this works and what i can do if i cannot afford a lawyer..

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