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How soon will a closed student loan be updated once paid in full?
I have a student loan account from 2008 that I am currently paying off. The account status is closed but it shows on my report that I owe $1700 but I only owe around $600 now that I have been paying it down. Once I have paid it completely, when will it update on my credit report?

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As soon as trhe student loan servicer gets the data to the credit bureau they report to, and the servicer gets the data entered.  Generally you should be able to expect to see the paid in ful within 3 months.

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I paid my loan off with my entire tax return almost 2 years ago report shows loan was passed around to several collection agencies it took forever to find who had my loan I was on time and good with the loan for several years until my marriage took a dive and I had to go through a really tramatic divorce from a 20 year abusive marriage for me and my kids leaving me with PTSD.  I literally did forebearance as long as I could then I just had to let it go in order to take time to get me better.  This was the reason for such a gap from making payments to just years of non payment.  It's now paid in full but apparently it's still showing all on report all transfers and derogatory & 10 missed payments..... so inspite of taking care of this in full and was told this would greatly improve my really bad score, it appears that was not true.  There is zero change in my score and it hurt us deeply paying that in one lump sum with tax return we desperately needed & for me I needed that lil accomplishment as a mental victory so to speak, that thru all the traumatic events in my life I thought would give me hope I was moving forward to a better place and light.  almost 2 years later no change in score still showing up with zero balance and paid but also states the missed payments derogatory stuff than I guess won't let my score improve.  I still have no job none available where I live to establish new credit with CC wise 2 of those I have Judgments on too.  I have no med ins. no savings live in an RV that I literally help an elderly person around their home run some errands for RV & roof over my head & groceries.  So I thought this would be uplifting instead it's just another cause for panic attack from not seeing or feeling hope of getting out of this boulder of debt my X stuck me with.   Does anyone know how long or if the student loan will be taken off all of it that's bringing the score down or keeping it from improving? 

Does anyone know how long the CC Judgment in Circuit Court in Wichita, KS will be on there?  I was told they have been on there since 2009-2010 & unless I can pay them off it would be best to leave it alone?  Will they ever cycle off or does Judgment mean forever?  I have no hope of returning to a normal life with income or the ability to pay those off.  So am I just doomed and should accept it cannot be repaired?  Just want to mentally prepare myself for whatever is to come I am in my 50's so jobs are super hard to find in a tiny lil lake town I have no choice but to live here for me to have a roof over my head.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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