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how do i get hard inquiries off my credit report
i just started trying to build my credit and have been applying for credit offers left and right and now i have 13 hard inquiries on my credit report how do i reduced them so i can build up my credit score right now its fair but i want better
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Stop applying for credit now. You are way up there in hard inquiries. Hard inquiries fall off after two years although they lose potency after six months or so. It's always best to seek cards that do a soft pull and determine of you are a good candidate. Not all places do this but enough of them do. Capital One does this. Many prime cards do as well. You have so many hard hits, I don't know if anyone would lend to you. You can try Matrix from Continental Financial and see if they will lend but that will be another hit. My opinion, wait six months. Meanwhile, you need to go to  and get all 3 credit reports and start tossing stuff off that should not be there. Make it nice and pretty. Then, look for your FICO score. This will cost a little BUT it is worth it. FICO scores are what lenders look at. Not credit score or FAKO scores. Getting credit is like a chess game. You have to know when to make a move and when to farm what you have for a while. There are also websites that will give you a guestament on who got which card with what. for one. Credit Karma has a nice sound off area for those who get credit cards as well. 

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Credit inquiries on my credit report

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Most of these hard hits have been offers I have received not things I applied for.  How can I get these off of my report?

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How do I get them off hard inquiry 

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Enter Your Replyi also want to know how to get hard credit off my record

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