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How can I raise my credit quicky?
My score is currently 665. I have already raised it from a 580 within the past 2 years. I have 3 credit cards, but I really want to get to the 700 mark within 2014. Does anyone have suggestions? I have tossed around the idea of buying a new car so i can have that on my credit.

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debt to credit ratio

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fastest way to get your score higher is to modify your credit/debt ratio.

two ways to do this:

decrease debt (pay off credit card) 

increase credit (get another credit card)

other things to help

(don't close accounts in good standing) 

(use lexington law for a month or two.

paying off 30% of your debt will jump you about 20% say you have 4k in debt. pay off and your score moves up.

getting another card and or line of credit will increase you 10%

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i used lexington law for two years and paid the highets amount and left with my credit just as bad they did very little to help..

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different types of credit

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It is always good to have various different types of credit so more then just credit cards. Also if you pay off your cards that will help as well. If you do not have a car loan I would suggest getting a car if you really want or need one to add a different type of credit to your file. Make sure you pay on time is a given and maybe one more card or a credit line increase might help depending on what your income to debt ratio is.

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Best way to raise your credit is to pay off the balances of your credit cards down to 5%, your credit report only takes a snap shop of your credit utilization so if you have them completely maxed out your score could be low, pay them all down to 5% or lower and it could raise your score tremendously. It raised my score 40 points in less than 2 months.

You can always ask the credit cards that you have for a credit increase. Most credit cards that you already have will do a soft pull when asking for a increase so it lessens the risk of a inquiry hurting your credit, if you get the increase it shows that you have more credit and the utilization goes down, if you dont chances are the soft inquiry pull will not hurt your credit.

I dont believe that car loans or mortgages will help your credit immediately, credit companies like to see a pattern of payment history so by getting a car loan it may help in the long run but you will not see immediate results.

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I checked out the new car loan myself. Now this was only in the CK simulator but it dropped me 8 points. In the long run Im sure it would raise it and 8 points isnt terrible. It can gain that back in a month or two im sure. I still need a car personally and the loan will eventually help. I might not go get a car just because, if I didnt need one at all. 

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Quickly lower your balances on you 3 cards and keep them low. Also consider taking $500-$1,000 cash if possible, go thru a bank that you trust and open a secured credit card with the cash. Make small purchases on this card and pay balance off in full each month. This will open up another trade line and raise your score quickly.

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Raising my credit Score

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I want to refinance my car loan. I want to raise my credit score to a 600 by the end of the month it is currently 592. I have some cards in collections which I know won't help paying them. I currently have an active credit card with my credit union I have paid it from 1100 to 1000. I have been paying my car loan on time for 4 months. It is not my first car loan. My last car loan I paid on time for 3 years. 

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getting your credit score up is a pain.

i apply for capitlal one they said it will take 7-10 buiness day for a answer. now i have to wait longer to see if i am approve.

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they usually only make you wait when you aren't approved. .

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higher credit score

When I was youger I had excellent credit, a divorce ruined me financially and my credit score fell off the charts. Lately I have been rebuilding my credit now up to a 666 score, I have opened several accounts not only with major cards (amex, visa etc) as well as department store cards without keeping a balance and paying on time. I opened all my 7 department store cards thinking it is good to raise my credit score, I'm wondering if anyone thinks this is a good idea? my score dropped for a month due to hard inquiries on report but seems to be raising again.


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Raising credit score

I agree with what someone said about paying off your cards first. The best way I've found to raise credit score is to only use 1/3 of your credit on a card each month and wait until about 10 days before the due date to pay the full balance off every month. In other words, $3000 credit limit on a card, never go over $1000 a month on that card and pay the total balance off after credit bureaus see you've used it, so don't pay until at least 7 to 10 days before it's due. And get credit cards that pays you cash back for using them. 

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I raised my score from 0 to 726

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I raised my credit score from 0 to 705(transunion) 726(experian) 717 (equifax) in less than 1 month, yes sir in less than 1 month, the first time when I got noticed something changed in my credit report I was curious to see what's going on and so excited. I checked my credit and I saw 705 in my transunion, OMG I can't believe that, its really magic...

here's what I did :

I applied on march 12th 2014 for Capital one secured credit card.

Got approved for $200 credit limit and $49 security deposit.

I received the card 2 weeks later.

I used less than %5 of my credit line ($7.00)

I paid off the amount in the next day.

I received the statement with 0 balance.

and when they reported, marked my credit card utilization %0

I'm sooo happy and satisfied with cap one 

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I raised my score from 605 to 798 in 3 months.  Here's how..

1st.  Got a 5k limit SECURED credit card. Jump!

2nd. I disputed all incorrect data on the CRA's. Better check yours and dipute any inaccurate negatives!

605 to 784, but then..

3rd . I get a second card +4 points.  I moved in to another credit limit catagory of at least 10k collectivly, then woosh +7, up to 798.

P.S.  For my second card I applied for one of the hardest cards to get in Barclaycard World Mastercard. Instant online application, instant approval.  2.2 cents on the dollar rebate. no annual fee. no foriegn tranasaction fee.

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i thought credit utlization of 0% was a bad thing?  shouldn't you leave a blance but make payments on time to show credit worthiness?  I am at a 567 and just got the CO secured card with a deposit of $200, just wondering the best way to help my score jump, I have a year to repair

Thanks for any info/input!


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silly people...You have " ghost credit" look into it. Best of luck- you have the right idea just need to keep purchasing and paying on time!

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a 0- 726? lol

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When you request your credit score and lenders request score why is that the score different?

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