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How can I find out what my derogatory marks are from?
My credit karma report says that I have two derogatory marks, or accounts in collection. However, I can't figure out for the life of me what these are. How can I look them up?
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Go to and look at your TransUnion credit report. 

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Addin to AppleRules, lets you pull all three credit reports for free once a year.  They list contact information from the credit companies and list what negatives are on there.

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Derogatory Marks
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I went to buy a car just yesterday to find that I had someone use my s.s.card number and open two account (maybe more) then let them go into collection. How do I find out about any loan, credit card, account of any kind, and what is going on with them. And also, how do I go about correcting them? I want to report this to the police department as identity thief and fruad, for I know of only one person that has all that info and they did do it before.

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will looking up derogatory marks using be counted against my credit inquiries?

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No, thats a soft inquiry. Only hard inquiries affect score

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only by mail and why????
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last year I requested a credit report through  Okay, then i was surely able to view it online.  Now upon requesting a new report a year later, I am being forced to send them identity proofs along with a form I will have to print out fill out and send with all other information.  If these resources were at my fingertips I dont think i would request to view online.  I want to know why this has occured.  Why would I be asked questions that are to be related to my loan history that have nothing close related to my history as well.  Can I assume that my identity is in question here, on whomevers end it may concern???thank you sincerely, confused.

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Derogatory Marks what are they
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what does this mean.

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