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Have 3K. How do I split it among my cards in payments?
First off I have a horrible credit report. Went from 730 to 597 with simply being a foolish college student with too many credit cards. Now I have a decent job and am trying to pay them off one by one and just being more financially responsible.
So here are the stats:

BOA Student Platinum $1,100/$1,400 ~5 years
Citi Divident Visa $3,000/$3,500~4 years
Discover $2,700/$3,000~2 years
Macys retail card $790/800 <--- limit dropped from 3K to 800
(+2 other retail card paid off in full)

I have 4 delinquents on my cards (medical bills + 2 VERY late card payments) that will just no go away, which is what probably hurt my score.

So I have collected 3K in savings so far. Do I pay off one single card, or divide it up between the three? I want my credit score to go up as fast as it can and stay there.

Im tempted to pay off my BOA and cancel it but know that i cant. since its my oldest card. however its still a student card and I use my CITI for work (I travel frequently on business trips) and discover for its cashback perks before I can apply for a true rewards card.

Lastly, what is the opinion on credit line inquiries? I have never asked for one and asked citi today for an inquiry. got denied which stinks since I need a higher limit for my business trips.
I dont want to ask too many times although the CITI lady told me on the phone that this was not considered a hard inquiry as my credit report was not pulled. so if thats the case then why did i get denied? If I pay off my BOA card and then ask for an increase will they do it? I'm assuming that they will not also check my credit report. but then again I dont know. its all a darn game....

Thank you in advance!

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Don't cancel any cards.

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That will hurt your score even more. 

Personally if a card has an interest rate, once it's paid down to zero, I  generally put a recurring charge like the cable bill on it. Auto pay the bill and don't use it very often. 

This will show utilization and not incur interest. That will help your score tremendously.  

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you have $3,000 heres the best way to manage it to get the highest impact for your credit score assuming you don't mind paying interest $790 towards the macy card looks bad to have more then 10% on a store card  for the BOA card make a payment of $710 getting the card making the utilization below 30% then take the rest of the $1500 put $1000 towards the citi since you use it for business purchases and put the other $500 towards the Discover card then work on saving more $$$ and getting the last 2 cards citi and disccover to under 30% then 20% and finally under 10% and for godsake DON'T mis a payment even if its just the minimum

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Good advice from jrhenry on how to split it up. Once you get back on track make your payments on time. I use ebills to automatically make a payment so I never miss a payment. 

Once your under 30% utilization for 6 mo's then ask for increases. You can tell them you planning make a large purchase and you want to put it all on their card.  They generally will with a good payment history. 

Hard inquiries only show up for a new line of credit. If they already do business with you , they already have access to your CR. 

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