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Has anyone used Sky Blue Credit Repair?
I recently signed up for them after checking around. They have an A+ rating from BBB. I am eager to start with their services to see how they can help me. I have 3 credit cards and just recently got a secured card. I was told that I was about 9 months away from qualifying for a mortage, but am hoping that the secured card and credit repair agency move that process along faster. Thank you!

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Clean slate credit consultants of miami. The non profit group recommended. No feea upfrimt. Most direct geoup ive aeen so far. I dont impreas easy amd trust even less. They are a small company near the gablea where i live.

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Worked great for me….

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I used the service for about 3 or 4 months.  They had 7 items removed or updated, and my credit score from all three bureaus went up over 100 points.  Yes, if you have the time and know-how, you can absolutely do this stuff yourself.  I personally don't have the time, patience, or expertise to do it and have no interest in learning.  My time is valuable to me, and the money I spent was well worth it.  To top it off, when they got to a point where they didn't think they could help me anymore.... they called and explained/discussed the results and current situation, and even refunded me my last payment (without me asking!).  A+++++ company. 

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I am currently using them, but nothing has been removed yet. My credit score has dropped 30 points in the time I have had them. I am in the beginning of my 3rd month with them and so far I am not seeing any change. Was this your experience in the beginning as well? If it doesnt change by the end of the month I am cancelling their service. I had hoped my score would have went up not down. So far I am dissapointed, but maybe I don't understand the process.

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Brittany m

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Does sky blue credit repair need a copy of you drivers license and social security card? because I was emailed by them to provide this information

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Yes they do.  They are completely legitimate - you don't HAVE to provide that information to them, but I did because if an agency responds to them questioning whether they are me or not, they will require 2 forms of ID, and Sky Blue can send that to the agency.  I haven't had anything but open, honest communication with them.  You can call them and talk to them - they are very easy to talk to and forthright with answers, and you'll likely feel more comfortable if you do so.

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What for??! No need. Jeez. Broaden your horizons check out cleanslatecredit org and learn your rights and don't do that. Don't give anyone access to your photo ids. Not needed. What is needed is a contract that explains your rights in full.
No upfront fees it's illegal.

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Wouldnt use them..

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Used them for 6 months and they got NOTHING deleted.  I was lazy and didnt do my research, thought ok, its only $50 a month, go for it.  Every single item they disputed came back 'frivoulous'.  And I know exactly why.  After doing my due diligence, I took the time to understand the process and did my own processes.  Things got deleted. Use them if you want, but you can save $50 a month and time if your serious about your repair.

BTW, things can be deleted or removed from your credit report.  If you understand what is necessary, they can be deleted.  

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Tell us the process what you have researched. It will be so nice of you.

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 I know this is an extremely old post I'm hoping you get this but I'm wondering if there is any advice you have to give I have been attempting to dispute process on my own .

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I.D. Request

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I just enrolled with sky blue. I received an email requesting a copy of my ID and ssn card. Is this normal for them?

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Only with a contract. Dont give stuff like that. Careful

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