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Disputing Late Payments Over 7 Yrs Old
In late 2005/early 2006, my credit took a hit when I went through a divorce. My ex & I had 3 joint credit card accounts that were closed and consolidated into one payment. During the couple of months we worked to get the consolidation to go through, there late payments. We were giving money to the consolidation company to set it up, therefore we couldn't pay the credit card companys. It took a couple of months to get everythng on track. After that it was 100% on time payments for 5 yrs that helped my credit. When I check my credit report, these late payments still show as potentially negative. It's been 7 years, so I can probably get them taken off. Will it only remove the late payments? It won't remove the account altogether will it?

By the way, if you EVER have to consolidate credit cards, go through your local Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS). Every area has one and you go to a real office and talk to a real person. If you try to find your local office's website, make sure it's a .org website. There are many .com sites that try to use a similar name, but it's not the same company. Don't use these over the phone fly by night dime a dozen websites, some of which are not legit. I went through a nonprofit Christian organization I found online called Christian Debt Consolidation. I set everything up through them. I didn't know until it was too late that they act as a middle man and placed me with an entirely different for profit company called Family Credit Counseling Corp. Not once did the Christian Debt tell me that I would be placed with another company. Everything went okay with FCCC until 2.5 years in when they disappeared with my most recent payment and gave my account to yet another company. The owner of FCCC, James. R. Armstong, Jr. had like 10 debt consolidation companys all with different names. He stole hundreds of thousands, maybe millions from people. When all this came out, I found out this wasn't the first time this guy pulled something like this. Why did Christian Debt place me with this company owned by this guy. Did they not know who they were doing business with? Or did they not care? I thought for sure there would be some big class action lawsuit, but no. The powers that be in Florida, where the company was located, only made Mr. Armstrong sign something that said he would not start another debt consolidation company. It looks like he got away with it. I remarried and my second husband consolidated his credit card debt with our local CCCS office and they were great. After he gave CCCS the first payment, they immediately startd paying the credit card companies. There was no 2-3 month window in the beginning where they weren't getting paid like in my case. We're now credit card free and that is actually hurting our score...go figure.

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