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Credit score affected by fraudulent charge to Macy's AmEx card
In June of 2015 my fiancé and I received our Macy's AmEx card statement and found a charge of $146.17 made through PayPal to We had never used (let alone, requested) that card with just $500 limit. We phone Macy's the day the statement was received and were told that they would kill that card and issue us a new one and they gave us a fraud claim number.

The following month we rec'd another statement on the new card, but with a $25 late fee! I phoned in again and was told we never returned the fraud form (which we never rec'd!) First we were told it was mailed, then told it was emailed. We had rec'd neither. I was then told to download the form and fax it in. We did that on 8/7. I am finally recovering from the mess of '08 and have worked my butt off to improve my credit score and was finally ready to apply for a home loan. I decided to check my score and found that it has dropped 40 pts! And sure enough, there on my report (thank you, Credit Karma!!) I found that the past due statements on this fraudulent charge (which we were told would be frozen in collections) was indeed reported to the agencies.

I phoned Macy's the very next day and was told that they had no record of receiving our fraud claim for. I have spoken with at least a dozen people (have each of their names / emp. numbers) and continue to receive the run around. I was told that they would mail us a new form and after the investigation is over and it was deemed fraudulent, then they will remove it from our credit report. I was also told the form would arrive in 7-10 days (I phoned on the 9th day, still no form!)

I'm just at a loss. I have searched the internet, and see that this is a common problem with the Macy's AmEx card. Every story was just like mine.

I just don't know what more I can do, and am just sick over having worked so hard to improve my score, only to have this happen and for a fraudulent charge at that.

What can I do?? I'm not even the account holder. I was just given the card from my fiancé to that I could also shop at Macy's without him being there.

One more thing. After being issued the new card (when the other acct. was killed) we rec'd a letter saying that they had dropped our credit limit from $500 to $300, and that part of their decision was based on a report from Experian on my fiancé's credit report. His score is 850! How can that possibly have affected their decision. What a scam.

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading my rant, but I' so frustrated with this whole thing and I'm just at a loss.

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I would call an attorney right away. You will want to look for a consumer law attorney and one that works with FDCPA (fair debt collection practices act) cases would be best. I recommend that you call the law office of Kimmel & Silverman if they practice in your state, if they don't do some google searching to find a law firm with some good reviews in your state. I really feel for you, this is a terrible situation with a very incompetent company. I will keep in mind to NEVER open an account with this outfit. I think a good attorney will have them straightened out pretty easily. Good luck and take a deep breath, this will be behind you before you know it.

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same here

It requires a lot of patience and diligence to rectify their errors. The process has taken me over 6 months and countless hours on hold waiting to speak to someone. You'll need to wait for that Statement of Fraud paperwork and then return it to them. I mailed and faxed mine. I didn't receive the first set. It can then take up to 90 days for the investigation to be completed, during this time they will report you. It's incredible that you have to have faith in them because nothing they do makes you believe that they'll do it right. Once your case and deemed charges are resolved and are considered fraudulent they will then notify the consumer reporting agencies to remove the negative information. In my letter that can take up to 60 days. And I'm still waiting for them to fix their errors.

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