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credit card you told me would take me at good rate gave me horrible rate
I waited almost all year to make sure that I'd paid all of my cards down. One of them, really did me in, because they dropped the credit limit once I paid down under the $4,000 down to $3600, once I got it down to $3,500 & it isn't the first time that they've done that to me.
Its really bad now because I used the card to buy some books on Amazon & can't pay into the thing until TUESDAY to bring it down below the "new" credit limit so it looks NOW like I'm at 85% & worse on my credit when I've been paying down like crazy all year long.
In 4 of the 5 cards I hold, I'm paying almost DOUBLE the requireed amount & I've NEVER paid less than the amount, except where this particular account creeps up just enough to overwhelm my payment + that I've been paying. This is WHY I want to get RID of them, I've had them for 9 YEARS & they've made it almost impossible to get rid of them. I call them the company store. The other one is my WALMART card which was a DISCOVER until Walmart DUMPED THEM, this year & suddenly I had a Mastercard with the SAME TERRIBLE RATE as they just offered me.
22.99% with only 6 months to pay off the $3000 that I wanted to balance transfer.
THAT'S INSANE. unfeasable & that's the card that Credit Karma has been PUSHING on me ALL YEAR LONG with "great chance of getting" on the bar chart...
YES BUT NOT AT A RIDICULOUS RATE with NO TIME to pay off the balance transfer. I had to DECLINE the thing. Then I tried, because CREDIT KARMA suggested, that I call these HUMANS & try to work with them on the phone. All ANYONE WANTED TO DO was tell me that they work with EXPERIAN & not TRANSUNION & that I had all these BAD THINGS on my report. I've GOT MY REPORTS, NO BAD THINGS, the ONLY bad thing was WRONG & it was FIXED this year much earlier.
Please advise WHY WHY you would pick something which I OBVIOUSLY HAD NO CHANCE OF GETTING as the BEST THING for me to WASTE A CREDIT INQUIRY ON????

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