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Can't undapte my credit score anymore?!
On the 8th of March I was the last time able to update my credit scores. Now it always shows the button "score updated" only. On my husbands account it works just fine as usual.....can you please look into this.
Thank you!
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Unreal that the one of  the most important thing about the site is still unavailable. there is no reason for the update button not beinging available anymore and for so long  YOUR SITE IS WORTHLESS NOW.....without updating there is absolutey no reason to visit....this seems to be the trend suck everyone in data mine the hell out of them then change the site to be useless.....thinking credkarma has lost its way  time to block everything from creditkarma and mark it as junk mail.....Cant believe the developer issues as the reason for this flaw in the website...time to fire the developer and anyone in charge of hiring them

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New layout - can't update my score

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I've been browsing for over 10 min, and still can't figure out how to update my score... this new layout looks good, but it doesn't serve its function since the update score button is hiding somewhere... pls help...

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Thank you K. Lin for responding to our comments.  I would like to clarify one of your statements.  You said this issue will be addressed in your April release.  Should we expect that we will not be able to update our scores/info until the April release?  When is the release in April?

May I recommend that in the future you consider communicating to your members when there is a known problem, even if it is a "very small (but clearly very vocal) percent of our users".  You seem to know that there are 1400 members that are having problems.  That would lead me to believe that you know who those 1400 members are.  Why wouldn't you contact those members either through email (you have our email addresses)  or post a message on your webpage that you are aware of a problem and that you are working to resolve the issue with all the details that you can share with us.  We may be less vocal if we felt that we were valued members.

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This is kind of a major "bug" ... you know, when a user can't do the one major thing your site exists for. Yeah, I'd say this would be worth a "special communication". How this couldn't immediately go to the top of your priority scale I'm not sure. For something that "happens all the time", I've certainly never seen this kind of response; people having to resort to the Advice board literally just to get a reasonable answer from you.

And rather than being demeaning or condescending by calling us a small (but vocal) group, maybe it should cause you to realize how serious the issue is. You may provide and (up until now) wonderful service, but you do not exist without us. Period. I hope you haven't grown too big to remember that.

Hopefully, someone does Performance or Quality Improvement in your company: look up "Voice of the Customer", and you might have a different reaction. Thank you for the information that you did provide.

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so if the update is suppose to be auto

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then why is it that my last update shows march, i.e. the last time i came to the site and it's now july and your telling me my score has stayed the absolute same?? yea put the button back it's the main reason people joined this site, I too spent 10 minutes of time searching for a dam button. i'm pretty sure i speak for all when i say i think people like clicking a button because then it makes us feel like your site is doing something. 

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How the new update button works

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There is nothing to fix on CK because nothing is broken! The CEO of CK has brought us a wonderful new platform.  CK updates automatically once a week.  I have just found out that the new version of CK does update each day if there is negative activity on the account.  I went car shopping last week and each day that there was an inquiry on my credit, my CK account was updated without the effort of having to press a button!  The question I would like to ask is… why are the 4 new auto inquiries counted as four new inquiries on CK Credit Report Card.  I read that when a person goes looking for a new card loan…… all inquiry in a 2 to 4 week period are counted as one inquiry.  My grade went down two levels… what gives?

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still can't

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I still cant update

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Where is the update bottonmlocated?

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Can you guy's post a screen shot of were the new update button was supposed to have been located.    I really like the update!   I have spent will over an hour going to each page of the new version looking for the 'Update Button".   I learn a lot and understand the easy of the new version but I would have like to known that there was a bug in the system.  I was thinking that maybe it updated on its own when there was a change in the credit report.   No such luck. 

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