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Answer - how long it takes for changes to reflect on a credit report
I'm posting this for those looking, because it took me awhile to find anything on it, and to find out how long it does take.
Problem: Lenders weren't getting any score at all, even on a hard inquiry, from TU or Equifax. This was because of 5 years of having no credit activity at all due to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (we had no mortgage, auto loans, etc during this time period).
Short answer: For a creditor who reports monthly, it takes one whole billing cycle between getting a new card/loan/whatever, and having it reflect on your credit report. Creditors who report quarterly? You should probably expect to wait at least one whole quarter afterwards.
Long answer: My wife and I just came out of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy around Thanksgiving of 2015 (medical bills - she's doing fine now). Because of the lack of credit activity (in spite of having a score decent enough to get a mortgage), we needed to re-establish credit in order to get a mortgage. Even though I could see my score, the lenders could not due to 5 years of inactivity. So, here's what happened... On Dec. 2nd, I got a CapOne card with my wife an an authorized user. We used it, never exceeding $50 on a $500 limit. We paid the balance off with each bill (two bills so far). I discovered that it takes about one whole billing cycle before the result shows on the credit reports... CapOne reports mid-month, so they had a new account reported in mid-December, but since there's no real payment history yet (aside from the one payment), I had to wait until one whole billing cycle completed (mid-January) before it showed up on the credit reports, so that there could be a whole month (at least) of history.
Disclaimer: If your creditor does not report monthly, or does not report to all 3 bureaus, your mileage will obviously vary.

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