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A collection account removed from one credit agency but not form other two. Can I disbute other two?
I have one item removed from experian but not frm TransUnion or equifax. I called them one of them said it will be removed after 3 and the other said after 7 months.

It looks like it is removed few months from Experian before the 7 year period. Is that possible?

Also Can I dispute to remove the item from transunion and equifax based upon the fact that it was removed from experian?

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i have a debt thats been on both credit reports for over a year and today it was gone from my equifax report but still open in collections through transunion. Im confused as to why it was sent to one as open but not the other? Can anyone answer why or was it a mistake?

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I file a dispute and that one collection account was removed from one credit agency but not form other two. Do I have to file multiple dispute on this same account with those other credit aqencies as well?

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2 Different Companies

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I owe a company that has went into collections. On my Transunion report, the collection agency is different than that of the one on my Equifax. If I pay one of the companies, will the other account be cleared to? I don't want to have to pay double on one account. Please help.

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similar situation here!

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hello, it would be great if you would share your experience with us. I have a collection account that transunion removed but equifax still shows that. Do i need to dispute with each of the bureaus or not? 

In your case, did the collection get removed after 3 months and the 7 months period?



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Dealing with similar issue

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Is this state or federal? Federal law provides a form for removal (form 12277) of a lien from your record after it has been paid. There is no such law for state tax liens (each state is different). As far as the credit companies are concerned, the state law says that a public record will remain on your report for 7-10years at minimum after it has been paid. All 3 companies, being separate entities, have their own rulebook. Equifax and Transunion follow the 7-10yr rule while Experian doesn't. Once the debt is paid, Experian will remove it from your record.

What I've done: I have called the agency that liened me, all 3 credit agencies, filed a complaint with the consumer protection bureau in my state and so far:

Agency said they did nothing wrong.

TU and Equifax said 7-10 years

Experian said it has been removed

CPB said they couldn't help

Later, Public record was removed from Transunion, not sure why, but afraid to ask. (8months after lien was paid)

Still not removed with Equifax (still inquiring)

Hope this helps. Don't give up. Try every avenue, write letters, file complaints and know your rights.

(In my situation, I was treated unfairly and should have the records removed.)

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Appears on one and not the other

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My equifax says the file is missing and transunion is almost 100 points better why is this?

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Don't Mention Experian

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I would be very careful mentioning Experian and the lack of a listing to the other 2 credit reporting agencies.  Two real options.

1.  You can do a general dispute with the CRAs if you haven't already, forcing the Equifax and TU to verify everything.  It's possible that the debt collector will not validate.

2.  What state are you in?  What is the Statute of Limitations for collecting debt?   In my state of CO, the SOL is 6 years to collect on a debt.  When I have disputed with the creditor directly, pointing out that their "alleged" debt is older than the SOL allows them to collect on, it tends to work.  They'll send a form letter still wanting to collect, but it will have a phrase somewhere at the bottom "...due to the age of the debt, we will not sue you or submit this to a credit reporting agency".   With that letter, you can make copies, highlighting that pertinent line, and submit to Equifax and TU along with a general dispute about the debt.  (This will only work if the debt is older than the SOL).

I hope that this helps you.

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Thank you so much.  Is there a reason not to mention Experian even though I have a copy of the report showing the item is deleted?  I was thinking that would make it faster, Otherwise, which could be better disputing the account now or just wait till September to be removed?

My state is CA.

Best regardes

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