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Feb 12, 2019
Bad CS can put you in a dangerous spot
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I'd been a mostly happy customer for a few years, but the inconvenience and incompetence at Ally around getting certified checks put me in an incredibly uncomfortable position.

I needed to get a check for around $14,000 to buy my car lease out and the timing was sensitive given the lease end. I contacted Ally and asked for a certified check to be sent out expedited. The CS representative processed the request for me and told me the check would be there in 2-3 business days. Cut to 2-3 business days later and the check still isn't there. I call Ally CS and the rep assures me the check will arrive tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and there's still no check. 

I call Ally CS again and spend 30 minutes alternately on hold and talking to a rep to find that they mailed the check through standard mail, not expedited, and that the check would arrive a week later. If I waited for that check, my payment to the car company would have been delinquent and I'm not sure what kind of badness would've resulted. The Ally CS rep basically said I could put a stop payment on the check, send a wire to the car company, or some combination of the two. Not super helpful.

I only got out of this situation unscathed because I had fortunately just opened another bank account with a physical branch nearby - but if I didn't have enough funds liquid to cover twice the cost of the car, I'd be up the proverbial creek thanks to Ally. Now I'm in the surprisingly difficult process of reclaiming my funds from the check they cut and (surprise!) I'm spending a lot more time with Ally CS than I'd like to be.

Similar uncomfortable situations (though not as severe) would happen each time I needed a certified check on a tight timeline for, say, the initial deposit on an apartment. The no-ATM fee thing is cool, but I'm planning on closing my account due to the bad customer service. Not worth the trouble.