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Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card

Aug 20, 2019
Good & Not So Good.

I haven't missed a payement, started out with a $250 limit; it was increased to 450 or something within the first 3 months. Less than 6 months and its $800. I go to check accounts ensuring my scheduled payments are still on the correct dates; credit limit is now $150... WHAT THE ****? I'm  calling cs because this HAS to be an error. Rep is stating they gave a decrease after review of my accounts, they were trying to increase but due to factors on my credit they decreased it significantly. I run my credit reports once a week due to having someone steal information in the past. All scores HAVE INCREASED within the last 6 months.... no drops or missed payments on any account. The balance on the card was 100; I'll pay it off and close this before I let it hinder my credit journey.