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About Me: I am a regular guy from Miami Florida and like most regular people I've had my good and bad moments, ups and downs. I'm here to share my expertise, advice and maybe even answer some questions.
I believe in transparency and honesty and also have a twisted sense of humor.
I hold 2 degrees, one in mass communication with a minor in copy and another in business development.
I am a retired consultant and expert in development.
I came to credit karma when my credit was taken hostage by fraudulent users. I never cared for it much, and was cash and debit based for most things.
I got taken advantage off by a sweet old lady, who robbed me. I learned how to fix my errors and dedicated myself to advocating the same for others. I like.the articles on here and like reading comments and adding my own. I only use CK to monitor vantage, because I have a busy life. Credit Karma may not be the best thing since sliced bread, but it's as great as lava lamp and I recommend it to all.

I'm here to share and help out, and I don't even mind the trolls who insult me, this I life.

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Feb 10, 2018
Most charge up front...
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They do this by calling it anything but what it really is. Charging up front is illegal under the law. The premise is simple service; theybworknfor you, to remove items from your files with methods that have worked for them before.

Anyone can learn, I own a company myself, and I give out peoples rights, all companies are supposed to do this. We don't charge upfront or out back, we don't lie. Check it out for yourself, many do it for a lot of money, some just take your money, and others actually comply with the laws and charge you less than a phone bill monthly. Clean Slate Credit org,.

Do your homework, do not pay anyone up front for anything.

Hope it helps you out.

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Need help repairing my credit

Jun 29, 2019
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Visit cleanslatecredit. Org and learn your rights. Don't pay for letters or free info.
This is a public forum. Tread carefully with personal info up in this place.

Collection included in Bankruptcy still shows open

Jun 29, 2019
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Learn your rights dude. Visit cleanslatecredit. org don't get shafted or wazoo blasted

why can't i get my full credit report on credit karma?

Jun 29, 2019
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Credit karma is a tool at best (it's really a platform that provides you with a useless score in hopes up selling you products which they earn commission on. But let's pretend we don't know that).
Visit: annualcreditreport. com and pull your free reports. Don't pay anyone to interpret it for you. Interpret it yourself.
Get free letters at cleanslatecredit. org learn your rights.

Reputable credit repair?!

Jun 29, 2019
Learn your rights
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Visit cleanslatecredit. org
Learn your rights and all the wrongs.
Don't pay for free information or letters. Do things yourself, you have rights

why are you guys always three or four weeks behind? and why will you not follow up on my dispute??

Jun 29, 2019
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Dude CK can't read this. Listen Buddy, visit cleanslatecredit. org and get some free letters and fight. Don't pay anyone jack chit. Do things yourself whenever possible.

Which is the best credit repair company?

Jun 29, 2019
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Anyone that doesn't Rob you and lists your rights in full. Anyone that doesn't charge you upfront. Visit cleanslatecredit. org and learn your rights. For Pete's sake don't pay for free stuff.

Shuold I get personal loan or new credit card

Jun 29, 2019
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A loan may have a lower interest rate. Ask your bank. Your new line will dent your score but so what, they all do it. Build from there and for God's sake don't borrow more than you need. You should do great. For free information on national non profits visit cleanslatecredit. org

Don't cost nothin'to learn your rights

Can I fix my credit without professional help

Jan 31, 2019
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Nothing. You can and have the right to do things yourself all the way. Read up on your rights at CFPB and get as much information as you can about the FCRA and the FDCPA.

I Disputed and payment history changed and score went down 80 point!

Feb 08, 2019
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Sure. Dispute it again.

The thing to ask yourself is: did they actually investigate it or did they say it was verified to them? The key word to look at is the them (meaning the bureau) part. While it has to be validated to them, it also has to be validated to YOU.

And that's where many people give up. Don't give up.

Make sure if you are challenging information that you are provided with the information and the method of validation they are using.

Also to remember, don't use those crap 609 letters you pull off the net. That's garbage mostly. The 609 subsection deals with identity theft concerns, so that's not the way you want to go.

Dispute it again. Get your documents provided to you. Don't just take their word for it since only documented accounts can be collected upon.

As to why the history changed, it's a good question that unfortunately can't be answered without more details, and only you see those.

Get letters at cleanslatecredit. org

Do not pay for letters.

i disputed collection company and they sold it to another collection co. what should I do next.

Jun 29, 2019
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Keep disputing until they actually provide you with information on the debt. Get some info on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and get free letters at cleanslatecredit. org

Don't pay for free stuff dude.

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