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Credit Score Simulator

The Credit Score Simulator lets you see how various financial actions could affect your credit score over time. Using the Credit Score Simulator will not affect your credit score or the information in your credit report. This is a simulation tool only.

See How Your Credit Can Change If You...

Credit Limit Options

Add a New Credit Card

Credit cards are one of the most common entries in consumers' credit files. By simulating adding a new credit card to your credit file we can see if it helps or hurts your overall credit score.

  1. Enter the estimated credit limit for your new credit card:


    Adding a new credit card in good standing with a new credit limit will often increase your credit score. However in order to add that card, you will need to be approved... and an approval means having your credit pulled. The inquiry (a credit pull) will often lower your credit score.

Add a New Loan
Add Credit Inquiries
Increase the Credit Line on One Credit Card
Open A New Credit Card & Transfer Your Balances
Close Your Oldest Credit Card Account


Increase or Decrease Your Credit Card Balances

An important component of your credit score is your Credit Card Utilization (CCU). CCU is defined by the ratio of balance to available credit. By increasing or decreasing your credit card balances, you can impact your credit score.

  1. Decrease or increase your balance:

    Good news...
    Decreasing your credit card balances will often improve your credit score. However, there's still room for improvement. Try increasing your available credit to a higher limit or paying off more of the balance to adjust the credit card utilization.

    Increasing your credit card balances will often decrease your credit score. Try increasing your limit even more or paying off some of the balance to adjust the credit card utilization.

Pay Off All Credit Card Balances
Allow ONE Monthly Account to Become Past Due
Allow ALL Monthly Accounts to Become Past Due
Have An On-Time Credit History


Add Public Record to Your Account

Anything that goes into public record (tax liens, judgments, foreclosures, wage garnishments, repossessions) will negatively impact your credit score.

  1. Select from the options below:

    The presence of these types of "public records" automatically reduces your credit score. These are considered delinquent, unpaid debts and appear as negative items on a credit report. Depending on the type of "record", it can remain on your credit report indefinitely... even after you have paid off the debt.

Have One Account Go Into Collections

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