Sun Sentinel | Dec 4, 2009

Digging Out From Under a Mountain Of Debt

Here's how high that mountain is, courtesy of Credit Karma, which looked at 1,150 consumer credit reports from TransUnion, one of the three major credit bureaus.

My Two Dollars | Dec 1, 2009

How To Make Sure Your Finances Are In Order For 2010

You can track your score for free using a site like, which can help you figure out how their debt is affecting their credit score. This can help a consumer determine what debts or credit cards need to be paid off first.

Augusta Chronicle | Nov 26, 2009

Stores open early for Friday’s rush

"The seasonal aspect can be pretty strong," Ken Lin, the founder of Credit Karma, told MarketWatch. "Consumer spending is so much higher in the fourth quarter than any other quarter of the year."

My Bank Tracker | Nov 19, 2009

Credit Card Problems Rise and Fall: Defaults Down But Delinquencies Increase

Recent data from two credit card tracking firms, Synovate Mail Monitor and Credit Karma, shows that with the holiday season approaching, average credit card balances for October increased as consumers who had earlier kept their wallets shut, now used their credit cards to make new purchases.

MarketWatch | Nov 18, 2009

Credit-card balances move higher

"The seasonal aspect can be pretty strong," said Ken Lin, founder of Credit Karma. "Consumer spending is so much higher in the fourth quarter than any other quarter of the year."

Dallas Morning News | Nov 15, 2009

Get an idea of your credit score without paying a fee gives you a credit score based on data on your TransUnion credit report. It also gives consumers the ability to simulate certain actions, such as applying for a new credit card and paying off debt, and see how those moves would affect their score.

Credit Union Times | Nov 13, 2009

Credit Scores Showing Mixed Movements

Credit Karma, a San Francisco firm that tracks and provides credit scores, reported that nationwide from June through September, 39% of credit scores increased, 29% decreased and 32% remained the same.