May 3, 2023

Student loan borrowers struggle to save ahead of resumed payments

The decision of whether or not student loan forgiveness will come to pass is still with the Supreme Court, leaving many Americans in limbo. With payments set to resume no later than September 1, many borrowers are preparing to resume payments after a three-year hiatus.  With so much uncertainty around the Supreme Court’s decision, many […]

May 1, 2023

Cash is King for Gen Z as Cash Stuffing Trend Catches On 

Consumers emerged from the depths of the pandemic into a period of sustained inflation, rising interest rates and market volatility, likely making it more difficult for many Americans to make ends meet. In particular, those with limited income streams, like some Gen Z adults (born between 1997 and 2005). Perhaps as a result, many consumers […]

Apr 20, 2023

Americans’ financial stability hinges on homeownership, study finds 

Owning a home is one of the most effective ways to build wealth in America. In fact, the median net worth of U.S. homeowners is 40x higher than that of U.S. renters. Those priced out of homeownership, and therefore the opportunity to build equity, are forced to find other housing solutions, which most often includes […]

Apr 17, 2023

Americans have a net worth problem, and it’s not positive 

When people hear the term “net worth”, names of distinguished CEOs and famed celebrities likely come to mind. That’s because the term “net worth” is most often searched when investigating the wealth of a random celebrity or the richest person in the world. However, despite Americans’ fascination with other people’s net worth, it’s not a […]

Mar 8, 2023

Emotional spending is out of control for more than one-third of Gen Z, study finds  

Spending behavior is often driven by emotions, not logic. This was especially true during the pandemic, which surfaced feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and boredom among consumers. Now, with layoffs and concerns of a potential recession, emotions could be running high driving consumers to spend more money to cope with their emotions – and even take […]

Feb 8, 2023

Cost of living remains high as student loan payments are set to resume in 2023 

One-in-five respondents reported they have outstanding federal student loans  53% of respondents with outstanding federal student loans say their financial stability depends on their loans being forgiven About a quarter (26%) of respondents with outstanding federal student loans say the money they previously paid toward their student loans is now being used for bills and […]

Feb 7, 2023

First-Gen Guilt Weighs Heavy on Americans’ Wallets and Minds 

Nearly half of first-generation Americans provide financial support to their parents and/or extended family (47%) 57% of first-generation Americans feel obligated to financially support their family  Nearly a quarter of those supporting their families financially say that doing so is holding them back from paying for basic necessities (24%) First-generation Americans, those who are born […]

Dec 19, 2022

Breaking Bad Financial Habits in the New Year 

More than two-thirds of Americans’ finances did not improve or stayed the same in 2022 (68%)  76% of Americans made a financial mistake in 2022. The most common mistake? Not saving any money (40%)  More than money mistakes, 35% of Americans developed bad financial habit(s) in 2022  Say goodbye to 2022 and all of the […]