Go Banking Rates | Feb 16, 2010

Expert Says Ditching Your Credit Card May Not Be Wise

For instance, according to CreditKarma.com, the average consumer with a credit card has a score of 689, while the average score of a person without a card is 563. This means, in order to build good credit and make yourself eligible for a house or car, it's good to regularly use at least one credit card.

Wall Street Journal Blog | Feb 12, 2010

Sites That Help You Fight The Fees

CreditKarma.com gives free TransUnion TransRisk credit scores... Not getting a score for free "just seemed wrong," says Nichole Mustard, co-founder and vice president of strategy for CreditKarma.com.

USA Today | Feb 8, 2010

More consumers just say no to credit cards

"Responsible use of credit cards helps consumers develop a good credit profile. Consumers who don't carry a credit card have an average credit score of 563, vs. 689 for those with at least one card who carry a monthly balance, according to Credit Karma, a consumer website that provides free credit scores."

Walletpop | Feb 7, 2010

Lenders plan to guess your income from credit report

Nichole Mustard, vice president of strategy for Credit Karma, told me in a telephone interview that credit reporting agencies have been guessing at income for a long time based on your credit usage, payment history and credit availability.

CreditShout | Feb 2, 2010

3 Ways To Get A Free Credit Report With No Hidden Fees

After just a few minutes, I was addicted to this website. Credit Karma gives you your current credit score, credit card and other loan offers based on that score. The site also offers a credit simulator that shows the impact different financial actions will have on your credit score.

CuteGeek | Jan 25, 2010

Favorite Website of the Week: CreditKarma.com

CreditKarma.com is here to help not to make you change your style of living or anything, but to help you keep track of your credit score and finances. There are many tools to help you accordingly plan your financial goals through calculators, credit simulators and also special offers from credit cards.

Wallet Pop | Jan 22, 2010

New credit reality; scores must be higher to get the best rates

So if you're thinking of a major purchase, your first step is to check your credit score. You can do that for free at CreditKarma.com. You may also want to check out the Credit Score Simulator to test how certain credit actions will impact your score.

PBS Nightly Business Report | Jan 21, 2010

In Tough Economy, Credit Scores Take a Hit

Credit scores fell in most regions in of the country in the second half of 2009, according to new report by Credit Karma, a credit-tracking service.

LearnVest Blog | Jan 21, 2010

Day 14: Get Your Credit Score

Go to www.creditkarma.com. It's that easy. Credit Karma is a LearnVest-recommended site that gives you your credit score FOR FREE. LearnVest loves it because it provides a quality service at no cost to you.

365 Days To A Better Me | Jan 20, 2010

Day 20: Karma

I, however, have found the ultimate site that is truly free! Www.creditkarma.com. They have a wealth of information and useful tips. One function that I find very useful is the "credit simulator." This allows you to see where your credit would be if various positive or negative situations were to take place.