Fair Credit Reporting Act | Oct 19, 2009

My Thoughts on Credit Karma’s Free Credit Score

Credit Karma, like quizzle.com, is good for finding out generally how your credit score fares but don't count on it to be exact. But, at least it's free to find this out using Credit Karma or quizzle.com, whereas you'd have to pay the credit bureaus to get the same "almost" score.

Sweet Deals by Chau | Oct 14, 2009

What’s My Credit Score?

However, Credit Karma is offering your credit information including score for FREE! How do they do it? The advertisers pay for this service. NICE!... This is an amazing tool to take charge of your credit.

The Boston Globe | Oct 13, 2009

Best Ways to Get Your Credit Score

If you don't want to pay a fee for the score, you can get a pretty could idea of the range of your score by visiting www.credit.com and https://www.creditkarma.com. These sites also offer valuable information on how your score is determined and how you can improve it.

Smart Money | Oct 8, 2009

The New ‘Free’ Credit Reports: A Good Deal?

CreditKarma, launched a little over a year ago, offers a free credit score from TransUnion, along with a credit analysis tool and simulator, which helps you see how certain actions (say, applying for a new credit card or paying late) will affect your current score.

The Denver Post | Oct 8, 2009

Denver credit-card users pay down debt faster than national rate

Denver borrowers recorded a 7 percent rate of decrease in their credit-card balances during the third quarter versus a 5 percent decline in Colorado and a 4 percent decline nationally, according to a report Wednesday from Credit Karma, a San Francisco provider of consumer credit-reporting services.