The Wall Street Journal | Oct 8, 2009

Credit Scores: Can You Get Them Free?, which also relies on TransUnion data, gives you one of the same credit scores that TransUnion sells directly to consumers. In addition, it provides a report card grading consumers from A to F across seven key components affecting their scores and ranks the importance of each factor on a scale of high, medium or low.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram | Oct 1, 2009

Two places where you an get your credit scores for free

Credit, which launched its Web site in March 2008, now has close to 1 million users who have checked out their score, according to Ken Lin, founder and CEO of the San Francisco company. "People are so worried about ID theft and their credit these days, it really helped with growth," Lin said. "Credit scores have been a very opaque process. There's been very little visibility on how it works."

Minneapolis Star Tribune | Sep 28, 2009

Another free way to get your credit score

Now, there are two ways to get a pretty good sense of your credit score for free. First, will give you an actual credit score. I have checked my score a couple of times through this site and have found it to be accurate.

Wallet Pop | Sep 24, 2009

Credit Score Urban Legends ? Busted!

It's a common misconception that credit scores are united in marriage, says Ken Lin, CEO of Credit Karma, a credit-score management service based in San Francisco. While you may share financial obligations in marriage, your credit scores will remain separate. But you may find that your spouse's credit habits can affect your credit score, Lin says -- with such details as whether you pay bills on time, or how much of the available balance you use on joint credit-card or joint-loan accounts...

Detroit Free Press | Sep 24, 2009

Weak scores may limit access to credit cards

The credit card culture is changing for good, as a result of new regulations. And consumers must learn new rules when it comes to paying with plastic. "Consumers may find it's going to be much harder to get credit if they're on the margin," warned Ken Lin, CEO and founder of Credit Karma in San Francisco.

Money Under 30 | Sep 17, 2009

Just about any financial task is made manageable with online help

"There is a small but vocal minority that has never used credit," says Ken Lin, CEO of credit tracking Website in San Francisco. Although Lin understands some consumers' decision to totally abstain from credit card debt, he says that when used properly "credit is a fantastic convenience".

The Motley Fool | Sep 10, 2009

Clean Up Your Credit and Save $100,000

<strong>Check your credit score:</strong> I know you're itching to see where you stand, and offers instant gratification -- a free credit score without the gotchas that make other "free" score offers a pain (like the product trial you have to remember to cancel).