Pacific Business News | Mar 11, 2010

Hawaii credit card debt down

Credit card debt in Hawaii fell slightly by 2.7 percent to $9,579 per person in February, down from $9,845 in January. That's according to a report released Wednesday by Credit Karma Inc., a San Francisco-based credit reporting firm.

MarketWatch | Mar 10, 2010

Bank of America kills overdraft fees

"It would have been nice to see banks do this on their own accord without the prodding of regulators," said Ken Lin, chief executive of Credit Karma (on Bank of America ending overdraft fees).

Today Show | Mar 10, 2010

Today’s Money 911

The Today Show mentions Credit Karma in a news broadcast.

You're so money and you don't even know it. | Mar 9, 2010

A Review: Credit Karma

I would recommend Credit Karma to anyone who is a first-timer when reviewing their own personal credit information.

USA Today | Mar 8, 2010

How to cope with new fees, rule changes on credit cards

To avoid having your account closed, use all of your credit cards occasionally, says Kenneth Lin, chief executive of Credit Karma, a website that provides free credit profiles. Even small purchases, such as a tank of gas once a month, will make you a more valued customer in the eyes of the card company, he says.

The Best Ways To $ave Money | Mar 7, 2010

Four Important Personal Finance Tools

Get your free credit report from and find ways to save money on credit cards, loans, mortgages and more. Completely free.

LearnVest | Mar 4, 2010

Day 14: Get Your Credit Score

Go to It's that easy. Credit Karma is a LearnVest-recommended site that gives you your credit score FOR FREE. LearnVest loves it because it provides a quality service at no cost to you. | Mar 3, 2010

Credit-Score Urban Legends – Busted!

It's a common misconception that credit scores are united in marriage, says Ken Lin, CEO of Credit Karma, a credit-score management service based in San Francisco. While you may share financial obligations in marriage, your credit scores will remain separate.

Pacific Northwest-Coast Bias | Mar 2, 2010

New month = time to check your credit score is one of my favorite sites on the Internet. Every month it allows you to see your credit score from TransUnion, one of the 3 major credit bureaus.

Loans & Credit | Mar 2, 2010

Responsible Credit Card User? Check Your Free Credit Report

Credit Karma, a financial Web site, recently said that consumers who don't carry at least one credit card have an average credit score of 563. That's fairly low by today's standards, and might foretell a struggle for consumers seeking mortgage or auto loans.