USA Today | May 23, 2008

Use the Web to Help You Get Your Finances in Order

Credit Karma also provides you with a free credit score. The score comes from one of the three major credit bureaus. The site will also help you monitor your score over time. CreditKarma provides you with special offers based on your credit score. For example, you can get a lower interest rate on credit cards. You may also apply for offers from cable companies and other businesses.

The American Banker (Subscription Needed) | Apr 28, 2008

Free Credit Score Site to Offer a Modeling Tool

Credit Karma Inc., a start-up that offers free credit scores online, plans to add features to let consumers calculate how their scores would change if they consolidate debts on to different credit cards or as they get older and build a longer credit history.

The Wall Street Journal | Apr 27, 2008

Free Internet Credit Scores

The new website offers scores developed by these major credit bureaus, including TransUnion and Experian Group.

Killer Startups | Mar 17, 2008 – Free Credit Scores

Credit Karma is giving consumers something they've never had before - the ability to access a truly free credit score as often as they need to, and then to use it to gain preferred pricing on products they desire.

American Banker (Subscription Needed) | Feb 14, 2008

A Start-Up Offering TransUnion Scores

Credit Karma Inc., a San Francisco marketing start-up backed by current and former executives of E-Loan Inc., has begun offering free daily credit scores online.

OpTempo | Feb 2, 2008

Site Review: Credit Karma

A new company, Credit Karma, is seeking to turn this around 180 degrees by offering your credit report for free and presenting you with affiliate offers that match your demographics.